#Lookit My very first blog about crypto. (you'll be able to tell)
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#Lookit My very first blog about crypto. (you'll be able to tell)

By RedRo | I s'NotBot | 3 Oct 2020

Let's Rock!


So I got intrigued to look into crypto by an acquaintance that had made a killing with a certain MLM Matrix system that I will not name as I do not yet have the confidence or power of the Link. 

This was in June 2020. 

He had made $10 000+ in less than 3 weeks, I was impressed, I signed up...

This is where my interest and journey started. At the time I knew little to nothing about what crypto really was or how it worked, I had heard the tales of dark web assassins being paid in Bitcoin but had no real, concrete idea of what Bitcoin was or where it came from.

I started looking into things more as i had now joined this matrix platform and had bought myself some Ethereum and to my surprise was now earning some Ethereum, man oh man, I had not the foggiest friggin clue what I was in store for.

I started with random searches on crypto, only to learn that there are a metric f*@# ton of tokens and coins and stable things and defi things, yeah, I had not a clue. So I bravely asked among my peers if any had an interest in crypto and if any of them would like to join me in the matrix system, one kind soul agreed and let me know he has some experience in the crypto realm. 

He then introduced me to faucets, oooohhhh, free money, I mean who in their right mind can say no? Hahaha drip... drip... drip... Yes dear, faucets are a timely process but I set to the task and started collecting myself some more coins besides the ones that I was earning from the other platform. I then learnt that there are different wallets, wait, no, not just different wallets but different kinds of wallets that offer a variety of functionalities.

So my interest grew, as did the information I now had to research and process.

Keep on keeping on.

So now I was earning from a matrix platform, faucets and staking. I was pretty impressed with my accumulation of coins, without knowing it I was doing the safe thing by diversifying my portfolio. 

But now... Now is an entirely different story. The world has expanded and so has the possibilities. 


More on the expanding world in my next post... I might even have a link or two in that.


Thank you for taking the time to read this. It is appreciated.

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Nifty isn't is?


I am just an Anarchist, jumping at a chance to make the world a better place. I am just an Anarchist, trying to help you see this life is not a race. I am just a Cryptochist, collecting coins and building my treasure chest. #AnCryp is the way

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