So you tipped Publish0x?
My tipped to Publish0x

So you tipped Publish0x?

By UjjwalAditya | CoinMantra | 20 May 2020

Did You tipped Publish0x?


When I joined with one purposes that I can easily share my work on and got more attention more users, readers  🤩


Yesterday when I opened my account in my favorite web browser Brave then I noticed one thing that Publish0x is also Brave Verified that mean I can tip them 😊


Yeah, we can tip them easily using brave browser and I decided to tip my last month earning to Publish0x




Because it's my choice


From last time I was getting dai and loopring (LRC) but not BAT so I think they have low stock of BAT and I can increase it by tipping.

Don't take seriously 😁


So I decided to Tip all BAT token that I earned in my brave browser and I started tipping one by one

My Tip to Publish0x

You can also earn BAT TOKEN BY using Brave 🦁 browser download brave Browser for Your OS. DOWNLOAD NOW


First I tipped with 5BAT TOKENS and since I decided to Tip all the BAT Tokens so I started tipping one by one until all Earned Tokens became zero 😎


So I tipped with a hope that next time when I will tip someone then the Tip token would be Bat and Vice-versa.


So who had asked me can we tip publish0x with Brave Browser then my answer is Yes 👍 we can and this is a proof. My Tip to Publish0x


Hope You like if yes then follow me and don't forget to share your opinion in the Comment Box 


Happy Earnings 😎 


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