Did you buy the Facebook coin "Diem"? It is good for you to say: No!!

Did you buy the Facebook coin "Diem"? It is good for you to say: No!!

By Ahmed Zaki | CoiNews | 1 Mar 2021

Have you registered on the site "Diem"  - Facebook's coin - to participate in the initial coin offering (ICO) and quickly buy the prospective currency for only $ 0.15 per currency? (Some sites offer it for $ 0.50)??

Certainly, you will not let this opportunity be lost from you despite all the problems that have been raised about this currency since Facebook announced its intention to issue it in 2019...


But due to the size and influence of Facebook, no one will hesitate to rush to buy the currency that will be issued, especially after it is separated from Facebook and changing its name to become "Diem." Instead of "Libra".

Now we return to the important question:

Did you buy this currency that many cryptocurrency aficionados are waiting for in the world?!

It is good - for you, of course - to say: No!!


Because the sites that sell this currency are Scam!

The "Diem" coin has not yet been issued... it has no initial coin offering (ICO) and is still in the process of completing the necessary approvals for its issuance!


From Libra to Diem.. a lot of swindling and fraud!!

I will not tell you about the details of Facebook's currency - "Libra" and then "diem" - for you are undoubtedly following it from the very first moment of the Facebook ad its own cryptocurrency.. and if you want to know more about it, you can enter the official website Diem to know everything... and any other website is Scam.


I will tell you about the most important...

From the very first moment that Facebook's currency was announced - even before its name was announced - fraud and swindling sites that aimed to delude people that it was affiliated with Facebook began to appear and put the fake currency for sale with the aim of collecting thousands or millions of dollars...

Operation a fully Scam!!


Recently, many websites appeared bearing the name diem, which is the last name on which Facebook settled for its prospective currency.

Many of these sites took advantage of the information of the possibility of launching diem coin at the beginning of 2021, and these fraudulent sites began a fake sale of the currency that did not obtain the required approvals yet!!


The fraud site almost deceived me despite my keenness!

Certainly, I will not be able to confine all the sites that started the fraudulent process of selling fake diem currency... I found some of them, either by chance or by searching and investigating...

I will not say anything secret if I said that I almost fell into the trap of one of these sites despite my keenness and my constant advice to beginners to research before granting confidence to any site for profit...

But I always say also that new sites and Airdrop's sites are very difficult to judge or detect easily... because experience usually confirms that this site is true/legit or fraud/Scam...

The Scam site almost deceived me, especially when I downloaded the whitepaper.. by the way, it is present in all Scam sites.. so you never trust a site because of the white paper... It is available to everyone and it is easy to download it from the official website, then put it as it is on the site Scam!


How did I discover they are Scam sites?!

The site was offering the currency for sale for $ 0.15 as an initial offering.. and this was the first thing that surprised me.. because another site was offering it for $ 0.50.. even though it is not a cryptocurrency in the understandable sense, such as Bitcoin and others... but it "is a digital asset that has a specific face value in one fiat currency"... it will be linked to the dollar, and it will be linked to a basket of other currencies after that...

But I thought that the (fraudulent) currency price was an attempt to attract the largest number of enthusiasts for the new currency in order to buy it and start dealing with it...

The first sign of arousing suspicion was when I tried to publish a post about the new currency on Facebook, I was surprised by the refusal to publish because the link violates the standards of the Facebook community!!

This is a very warning sign...

Before that, I had previously published a post about the Diem (Facebook coin) on the new profit site from writing short posts noise.cash, but without a link... I just put a picture of the site...

Then the site admin @noise.cash wrote,  in response to me, He said: it's a Scam site!!

I had already started searching for the reason for Facebook blocking the URL of its prospective currency!!

But @noise.cash's reply made my doubt turn into certainty...


Never think of buying new currencies except in this case!

Unfortunately, the Internet is full of such fraudulent sites.. and their goal is always your pocket...!

But they do not reach out the hands to take your money out of your pocket.. rather they try to push you to take out the money yourself and give it to them in the hope of a large and fast profit!!

So be careful!

Never take your money out of your pocket, especially if you do not have a surplus of money with which to venture.

And you never think about buying new currencies except in one case... if this currency belongs to a reliable platform.. such as Binance (BNB), Kucoin (KCS), and Crypto (CRO) for example...

Most platforms offer their own currencies... These are guaranteed by the platform, do not worry about it...

But even these currencies do not think about buying it Unless you have a surplus of money to invest... meaning that if you lose it, it will not destroy your life or make you poor.

The cryptocurrency market - as you can see - is as volatile as a raging sea... and the losses that the adventurer Elon Musk can bear... Of course, you will not be able to bear even 1 in a million of it.. so be careful and do not be fooled easily by a desire to make a profit that may bring you a painful loss!









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