Tron CEO Sets a New #1 Priority For The Project

By Ed-california | CoinBuzz | 1 week ago

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Tron (TRX) founder Justin Sun recently made a statement that getting Tron listed on the American version of Coinbase or Binance is the project’s number one priority. Responding on Twitter, Sun said that it would be a large priority for the project, even as it was left out of a list of tokens being explored by the exchange for listing. 

TronSpark posted the first tweet, saying that it would love for US citizens to be able to trade TRON more easily.

It was to this that Sun responded, saying that the community would see huge progress on the matter in 2019 itself.

The TRON team has been working hard to expand the ecosystem and attract developers to make dapps on the platform. TRON proudly proclaims that it is has one of the most active dapp communities in the market.

Sun also recently made the highest bid for the annual charity dinner with Warren Buffett. In the end, however, the meeting did not take place.


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