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Congratulations if you are one of the currency holders xrp

11 Jan 2023 1 minute read 0 comments MahmoudCM

- A few hours ago, 15% of the total coin was distributed FLR On people who hold currency XRP. - But now you know what is FLR coin? And what a network Flare ? We will discuss these questions in our article.     - Flare is a network EVM From the first...

Is the NFT Market Collapsed Forever?

10 Jan 2023 1 minute read 1 comment MahmoudCM

- There is no doubt that we all saw the great hype that accompanied the emergence of the NFT market more than a year and a half ago, and the huge prices for which a number of NFT images were sold at that time. - At that time, many people flocked to...

Bitcoin halving and its impact on the price

9 Jan 2023 2 minute read 4 comments MahmoudCM

- There is no doubt that many of us have heard of the term Bitcoin halving, but have you ever asked yourself what Bitcoin halving means and does it have a direct impact on the price? And does it have any effects on the market in general? What is the...

One of the best metaverse projects in 2022

6 Jan 2023 1 minute read 0 comments MahmoudCM

- There is no doubt that we have all heard a lot about the metaverse projects and watched many of them, as they revolutionized the field of cryptocurrencies during the past year. - Like any boom, it spread very quickly in crypto communities, but it...

Bitcoin in 2023 / violent rise or sharp decline?

1 Jan 2023 1 minute read 0 comments MahmoudCM

  - كان عام 2022 مأساويًا بالنسبة للبيتكوين وسوق العملات المشفرة بشكل عام ، حيث تجاوزت الخسائر تريليون دولار. - إفلاس البورصات الكبيرة مثل ftx وانهيار المشاريع الكبيرة أدى إلى حالة من الذعر الشديد بين المتداولين وظهور الهشاشة في سوق العملات الرقمية...