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BTC vs Fear

By CloudAtlasMiner | CloudAtlasMiner | 9 Jul 2023

The only attack Bitcoin is vulnerable against…Fear


As I delve into the current landscape of digital assets, currencies, projects, and sub-layers; I find one common aspect. That is security.not the Bitcoin security, but the individual who has an email, passwords, and probably, not through malice, but ignorance, are not diligent with their security habits. There in lay, the Fear. As we move forward in to commerce of digital assets, scammers and simply failed attempts, will continue to plague the ecosystem until the decentralization becomes, what I believe was intended to become; A powerhouse of individuals United with one common core, BTC. Each every “ shitoshi “ordinaled” and represented of your ideas. Text, art, or currency. However, in order for this massive vision is to become manifest. Each shitoshi, each individual player must be in line with the security protocols and the base layer of transactions must be in line. Moving to fast with any idea can cause the inertia to be overloaded and come crashing in on itself. Adoption will come. But when and how? What will be the catalyst ignited. And will it be sustainable. At some point energy stored, in the form of BTC will be tested for its actual purpose. But what does it matter if the players are not secured in their understanding of security and due diligence. Giving larger entities the opportunity to gather and capitalize before the decentralized masses are able to withstand the attacks from policy, and lack thereof.  

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