Norway, the paradise of renewable energy

By Clicmaster | Clicmaster | 27 Apr 2021


We know a lot about Norway and the advantages of living in this heavenly place full of beautiful landscapes. But it is striking that a country whose main export is oil, dispenses with this type of energy for its vehicles.
And this is already for 2020, this Nordic country exceeds 50% of electric vehicles in circulation on its streets and avenues, in fact; According to figures from the Norwegian Road Traffic Information Council (OFV), electric vehicles make up 54.3% of the country's streets.
Electric cars represent a new trend and a great advantage to improve the environment, since they carry out zero emissions. Besides that they do not have a mechanical system, it is not necessary oil changes, filters; the use of lubricants etc.
This is why this type of vehicle translates into great savings for those who acquire it; which, will only have to allocate expenses, to checks and replacement of tires or check of the brakes.
There is even an advantage, which is that by not having to make changes and place the clutch, then there are fewer parts that are exposed to constant wear than if they have traditional cars.
Although many addicts to the traditional automotive platform disagree with this type of vehicle, they are setting a new standard in the market; since they have overcome the initial disadvantages with which they were compared to traditional cars, in regards to speed.
Anyone would say that this is absurd for an oil-exporting country to use this type of vehicle, but the reality is that there is a fiscal policy that is highly favorable for their acquisition, since hydrocarbon-powered cars must pay off some. very high taxes; On the other hand, those powered by electric power are exempt from all types of tax.
In Norway, whose main source of energy is hydraulic, it can easily cover the need for this type of vehicle; since it has large plants with this type of energy that supply the entire country with the amount of energy necessary to supply vehicles. Among the best sellers in the Nordic nation we have one of the favorites the Tesla model 3.
Of course, we can also attribute this phenomenon to the falls in the prices of betaroas, which went from 2013 to 2020 from around 540 dollars per KWh to only 100 dollars; which translates into great savings for consumers of this type of energy.
In another vein, we can say that the Nordic nation is dispensing with consuming this type of hydrocarbons also because they are concerned about their future shortage, and for this reason they have taken care to implement an economic strategy that is based on export. to the maximum of oil and the investment of the funds obtained by it in the sovereign debts of some countries and even in companies around the world.

At this moment Norway is perhaps the first place in Europe for the best country to live in; due to its educational and economic system; This, together with these other advantages of zero emissions and with a climate that truly produces satisfaction to breathe are setting the standard when choosing this as a future tourist destination or even as an option to live.
This is the way the country goes, in a civilized and intelligent way. That together they are all making the transition to electric cars, they got all the advantages and enjoy each one of them.
This is the result when you have a conscientious and civilized country like Norway, which is currently highly envied for the systems they operate. They have a very low crime rate due to their cultural level.
The inhabitants of this beautiful country are very conscientious and love to take care of each of the resources they have: money, family and health.
This is how this esteemed country has worked for many years, which we invite you to visit at some point in your life and check each of the elements mentioned here.

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