Martin Pistorius Locked In His Own Body

By Clicmaster | Clicmaster | 27 Apr 2021

Martin Pistorius Locked In His Own Body

He was born in 1975 of South African and British origin. This wonderful person in his first twelve years of age lived his normal life like any child. His daily activities were: playing, jumping, going to school, running, eating and studying. That was basically his daily routine that made him happy like every little kid.
Until one day, being twelve years old, he notified his mother that he was feeling bad. A discomfort in his throat and pain in his body. His mother at that time, thought it was some virus and that it would take a few days to recover.
But it was not like that, the health of Martin Pistorius was deteriorating. He apparently had a degenerative disease at the brain level. He lost movement in all his limbs, he could not speak and he could not transmit any message either. And in this way, he begins the difficult and hard times for the whole family.
After a few months from his diagnosis, his body no longer responded to any stimulus and it was then that he went into a vegetative state. Doctors directed the family to take him home. To give him the best care, because in the hospital they could no longer do anything for him.
They did so, Martin Pistorius's parents took him home, gave him all the love possible and everything they could to his mayor so that his son would recover.
But there begins the challenges for everyone at home, because there were many years of medical care and check-ups and some therapies. His parents had to take turns taking care of him, bathing him, feeding him, taking his medicine, etc.
This led to a mental deterioration in both parents, so much so that one day the mother, in her despair, yelled at her: "I hope you die soon."
Heartbreaking words, but already at this point we can see that the family was at the breaking point of pain, fatigue and suffering. There is no reason to judge, it only remains to learn from this experience.
Now, up to here, every story of how it happened and everything they lived through, I know that you sympathized in many aspects, as well as you identified with the parents because surely at some point you have had to take care of a sick family member and you know what it feels like. .
But the interesting and dark thing is that one day the mind of this boy Martin Pistorius began to work 100%. He stopped being vegetable and nobody noticed, he no longer had the mind of a three-month-old baby as the doctors diagnosed.
Now he listened, felt and saw. His state of consciousness existed at the time. His mind had awakened from a lethargy and it was another much more difficult stage that Martin Pistorius has to live.



This stage consisted of his body not responding to any command from his brain. He still couldn't move his arms and legs and couldn't speak, but he was lucid and aware of everything that was happening around him.
There was no way that the people who lived with him knew or noticed any change. It is exasperating at this point to be like this, and it was many years that he had to live. In closed in his own body, but somehow he learned to give himself courage.
One day everything changed in the life of Martin Pistorius, everything was in a different direction. Because a kind therapist came into his life to change everything and believe in him. She was hired to apply to this young man but what she gave him was hope.
With the arrival of this person, a noticeable advance was achieved because he recognized some communication signals. Using the nurse's experience and intuition, he managed to convince the family so that they could take him to the doctor and confirm the new reality: Martin Pistorius woke up.
So it was after some tests they managed to see that his brain was awake again and sending a lot of information to communicate. It was there then that the rehabilitation of this boy began and this time he was successful in every therapy they applied for his recovery.
At present, Martin Pistorius managed to recover almost 80% percent in its entirety, he may not speak, he does not walk, but he leads a totally normal life. He works with his own company, has a beautiful family and even owns his own car adapted for his condition.
Now I want you to understand how important it is to have willpower and courage in life. Because this young man who nobody believed in him, had to give himself courage and willpower every day. Search from inside of him and draw out that flame of hope to hold onto it.
So it doesn't matter what circumstance he is involved in, what difficult time he is experiencing. I must tell you that everything happens and if you don't believe me, here is the living example of this boy. For him everything passed and came the glory of awakening.
Go! Cheer up! Filling you with courage because what you are experiencing is only a stage. Yes, likewise, a stage that will soon come to an end and when you manage to overcome every fear, torment that you feel. Life becomes beautiful, great, and amazing.
Here are some tips: when you get up in the morning to start your things and feel the weight or torment of any problem, do not let yourself be invaded by that dark totality. Don't let it take over, look at Martin Pistorius if he could pull it off then you too.
It is difficult to want to heal to change and sometimes it hurts much more, but I assure you that these are only indications that you are reaching the end of the goal. The goal is to be Happy and keep you in that happiness.
Martin Pistorius managed to maintain that happiness when he met his wife. He saw that beyond being aware, speaking and communicating, there was still something missing in his life, something that filled and complemented him.
That is why he took a risk and did not care about his condition, he did not limit himself to anything. The only thing that mattered to him was being happy and he succeeded in the end. That is why today I invite you to repeat this phrase today: BE HAPPY! And when you have that happiness in your hands, keep it in your heart so that you feel it better.


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