Have you already forgotten MT-GOX?

By Clicmaster | Clicmaster | 22 Apr 2021


MTGOX, this company was originally created for the exchange of virtual cards of a game that at the time was called The Gathering online Exchange. This website attracted players in one place, concentrating them to be able to switch between them quickly and easily.
But the owner of this page, J. C. Macaleb, for some reason lost interest at that moment. After a year, this page changed its purpose, only to be related to cryptocurrencies.
J.C. Macaleb as a good observer saw the growth and relevance that he was coming to have in terms of this new mode of virtual currencies and thought of an idea that led him to stardom, but only for a few moments.
This man, after redirecting the page to his new role, could see the boom that was coming. Well the growth was remarkable and he could already see how money was generated with this simple website.
After a while, the page was hacked; apparently with some credentials that were granted in the past to a person. At that point they managed to bring order and quickly reestablished control.
This time they made significant changes to the page and this caught the attention of more people who were joining the page to make their transactions, but in 2013 it was a disaster because it was finally hacked again.
Losses of digital money that until now have not been recovered from the 850 thousand bitcoin that they extracted from the platform. This in turn became controversial because people wanted their bitcoin back.
At present, many people are still waiting for their bitcoins to be paid. They have only canceled about 200 thousand.
J.C. Macaleb was brought to justice to prove his involvement in the case and to show how guilty he was. He only spent 10 months in jail and was released without charge, but currently he is unable to do any kind of e-commerce.
This topic is highly important today and we bring it to light so that you can see what not to do when you have innovative ideas.
The idea of ​​J.C. Macaleb was very good and successful but the approach was wrong. He could have created a page with a "Higher Security" at each of the levels necessary to be able to make a solid cryptocurrency company. But he only paid attention to the user registry and the changes they made within the platform.
So a brilliant idea in a poor mind can create chaos and have very unfavorable results. Of course, everything is experience in life and we are more than sure that you are better prepared by knowing the history and the results of it.
I invite you to reflect when you have important decisions to make, since it is necessary to prioritize which are the true approaches that users require. In the case of cryptocurrencies, it is the support and security when making those transactions within the network.

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