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By Rearden | ClickWorking | 20 Apr 2020

There is a simple and secure way to earn some money by staying at home, in front of your computer, is to work on solving captchas. Although this job is fastidious, it is autonomous and relatively well paid for a job without constraints: up to 5 dollars per hour. You can solve captchas easily one hour a day, part-time or much more.

What is a captcha?

The word means: Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart. Captchas are images containing distorted text that needs to be captured or a set of different images in which you need to select only those that match certain keywords. All this must be done to confirm that you are not a robot. Indeed, many images cannot be recognized automatically and customers are willing to pay humans to recognize these images. Many websites use this system, like Google, but also bitcoin faucets, online surveys, registration forms, online ticketing etc.


All you need to earn money is a computer and a keyboard. The work you are asked to do is to solve captcha images that contain only 1 to 2 words.

You can significantly increase your income by spending more hours on your work. You can use this method to earn money on weekends, or part-time, it's up to you.

Where to find this job?

The company 2Captcha is paying us to solve captchas since 2014!


You will receive these images on a simple interface where you have to enter the text correctly according to the representation of the image. All you have to do is to enter the text correctly from the image (from the captcha). You will earn money for each correctly solved captcha.

The payout is around $0.60 for every 1000 normal captchas solved.
The rate for ReCaptcha V2 is set at $1 per 1000 (using the software provided by 2cpatcha). The price for each captcha is shown on your screen next to the captcha.

As soon as you reach the amount of 0.5 $ you will be able to make a request for payment.

The available means of payment and the minimum withdrawal amount (with 0% fees) are as follows:
AdvCash $0.5
Bitcoin $1
Pay $0.5
PerfectMoney $0.5 $0.5
WebMoney $0.5

You will also earn 10% of the income of your affiliate.


To start working, you must register on the site, and switch the menu tab at the top right to "Worker", then click on "Startwork" in the list on the left.

First of all, you will have to complete the training. It's free, fast and easy and it will save you from being suspended for making too many mistakes. The system will guide you and you will be able to set the automatic translator of Chrome for French.

After 5-10 minutes, you will already start earning money solving captchas!

Every day you will see your reputation score, as well as the number of mistakes made. You get 1 reputation point for every 1000 captchas you solve. If you can't read the captcha, you have to click on the "This is not a captcha" button or use the shortcut key "Alt+Q". But remember that if you use this button to skip the readable captcha, the system will temporarily suspend your account.

If you have a little time to lose in this time of isolation why not lose it on this site which will pay you back?

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