What Is The Most Valuable Currency?

By Andy Savage | ClickForAfrica | 5 Oct 2019

There is one currency that is more valuable than any other. One currency that is so much more important than the others that they pale into insignificance in comparison.  

  • Without it you can't get any other currency.
  • Nobody can know exactly how much of it you have, not even you, until you have none left.
  • You cannot choose to HODL it
  • You cannot choose when to spend it, only what to spend it on.
  • It's the only currency that can be used to buy happiness.
  • Very few use it wisely.

What will you do with yours?

Instead of making this a 5-minute read, I'll leave you with a 4 minute bonus to ponder this question. It's a worthwhile investment. 


Peter Poole made the image for me years ago, I have his permission to use it!

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Andy Savage
Andy Savage

Lead cobbler-together of clickforcharity.net - Interested in how cryptocurrencies can free us all to live in abundance, if we seize the opportunity and defend ourselves against those who have kept us from our full potential.


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