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From inception, bitcoin has changed the way people think about cryptocurrency, later introduction of other cryptocurrencies such as Etherium, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar and more came to be.

Now Dropil showed up with amazing products to offer to the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain as a whole.

in an easy to use system with spontaneous reporting, defines the core of Dropil mission. Providing unique capabilities essential to cryptocurrency, the company was able to bundle numerous additional financial and security benefits with this service, all while making it low friction and easily accessible to the masses. 

Below are More details about Dropil but if you prefer not to go down the reading lane, below is a video link with more details about Dropil

Helping investors make the highest returns, with the lowest risk, requiring the minimum effort. Dropil makes its platform easy to use for an investor to understand and navigate. Dropil has different products include Dex(Autonomous Trading), Arthur(Analysis), Max(Smart Wallet), Jade(Personalized Trading).


Dex (Autonomous Trading)

Artificially intelligent autonomous trading helps professional investors to fully automate their trading including goal, target, filter, chart, pivot, risk, position, trade and portfolio analysis.

An important feature of the Dropil services is the automated smart trading platform, internally and externally called Dex. This platform is not a single bot or strategy, but rather a carefully curated and tested set of automated bots, all designed and programmed 100% in house. 

Dex uses a pooling approach for each logic server stack, this means that all users of a like mode, or risk type, contribute to and receive returns from that mode’s pool. This provides a massive advantage to all participants, especially in regards to the safety of returns. With the pooling model, there is sufficient capital to allow maximum diversification, no need to wait for a particular position to open or close to a net profit and no need for the use of margin, eliminating liquidation danger and position funding costs.  This strategy also allows for the hedging of not only currencies but also positions.

RISK POOLS: Dex uses a pooling approach for each logic server stack, this means that all users of a like mode, or risk type, contribute to and receive returns from that mode’s pool. Users can either join the safe, moderate or aggressive pool.

LOGIC SERVERS: Each risk mode uses different switching logic servers. This allows for automatically switching to a different set of strategies in reaction to market changes.  The modes of the individual instances operate independently of each other with no cross-communication.

BOT SYSTEM: Each instance of the bot system trades only one pair, on one exchange, on one account at a time. Each instance is independent, however, multiple numbers of instances, structures, and logic are always running and this overall strategy is set using the main Control Center.


Arbitrage is the process of buying on one exchange at a lower price, transferring it to another exchange, and then selling it on that exchange at a higher price. The goal is to profit from the difference in coin prices between exchanges. Arthur, the arbitrage tool, makes it easy to compare different prices on exchanges by displaying all opportunities in a single location. With additional user input, Arthur will alert you when new opportunities arise based on your personal preferences such as exchanges, coins, and per cent thresholds. Arthur is your one-stop tool for arbitraging, Analysis, and signals for coins, markets, exchanges, and cash-in/cash-out opportunities.

A basic level of Arthur access is included in our Basic Dropil subscription. For users who require more signals, more exchanges, and more functions of Arthur may subscribe to Dropil’s Plus or Pro plans.

Basic Plan

  1. Select up to 5 exchanges to monitor for arbitration
  2. Configure up to 3 unique signals
  3. Use of the Cash in/ Cash out feature limited to 10 times per month each


Plus plan: $10 per month (paid in Drops)

  1. Unlimited selection of exchanges to monitor for arbitration
  2. Configure up to 25 unique signals
  3. Unlimited use of cash in /cash out feature

Pro plan: $25 per month (paid in Drops)

  1. You get it all, and as much as you want!
  2. All features are unlimited.

Max(Smart Wallet)

Max is a coin storage wallet that lets you track your portfolio from different sources. Auto-sync and monitor different token addresses and much more. It’s important to keep track of your funds both inside and outside of your Max account. While Max enables easy monitoring of the wallets in your portfolio, the monitoring tool also allows tracking other wallets of importance outside of Max. One example is monitoring the largest Bitcoin address watching for movement. These coins have been stagnant for many years, but with Max, you can be the first to know if they ever move. You can also use Max Monitoring to track your cold storage coins. If you have addresses in a hardware wallet or other cold storage wallet for holding, you can securely monitor your addresses and be alerted if there is any unexpected movement of your funds.


Jade(Personalized Trading)

Jade puts you in control. Customizable automatic trading on your own exchange accounts. Jade allows a user to connect directly to your exchange account via secure API and watch the trades happen according to your set parameters. Jade will launch with Bitfinex and Binance support with more exchanges to follow.

  1. Compatible with API security options in place
  2. No, withdraw access
  3. Fully customizable


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