DeepCloub AI

DeepCloub AI

By Cletus Habila | CleWebCrypto | 13 Jun 2019

DeepCloudAI is a decentralized AI(Artificial intelligence) driven cloud computing platform for running decentralized applications, specific in consideration with IoT (Internet of Things) and Web 3.0 apps. This new era we believe are not just trends in the making, but building technologies that will support both existing and upcoming use cases for the technology. The Project will provide a fully functional marketplace for computing and storage resources for companies and individuals enabling sharing excess capacity via our decentralized cloud system.

The Aim and Objectives

DeepCloud AI aims to provide an Artificial intelligence is driven decentralized cloud platform to run decentralized IoT and Web 3.0 applications Application of our expert ideas in AI technologies to create a Matching Engine that will easily and smoothly pair the resources for application developers. Applications will execute in a secure sandbox on the peer-to-peer resources with transactions managed on the blockchain via automated smart contracts.

Market Overview


DeepCloud AI is exploring the new market of decentralized solutions by offering users the blockchain based decentralized cloud services. With the rise in Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT) and AI at the Edge, we envision a great future ahead. And leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) for resource management allows DeepCloud AI to offer a revolutionary cloud infrastructure for decentralized applications. Gartner's prediction for Cloud Computing Market expects an increase in Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) from 36.6 per cent in 2017 to reach $34.7 billion by 2020. Per Gartner, IaaS is the highest revenue generating area in the cloud computing space. Cloud Computing Market Worldwide Public Cloud Services Revenue (Billions of U.S.Dollars). Source: Gartner (October 2017)

Target Market

Application Marketplace Providers are those people who provide reusable components for building decentralized applications and earn DEEP tokens. Application Marketplace Providers are required to stake a certain number of DEEP tokens to provide reusable components. The more the number of developers reusing their components, the higher the lock up the scale and the DEEP they earn. Newly decentralized cloud networks (e.g. Storj, Golem, iExec, and so on) have sparked the proliferation of decentralized cloud platforms. These platforms offer a wide range of decentralized services and allow for the deployment of decentralized applications in a way that more cost-efficient than traditional vendors (e.g. GAE, AWS, and Azure). They achieve this by providing their platform users with decentralized computing, storage and networking resources at a fraction of cost by leveraging the idle resources of end-users, private data centres or enterprise infrastructure.


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