Mazda Eunos Road Trip Day 3

By By sea and land | CLASSIC EUNOS | 16 May 2023

Mazda Eunos Road Trip Day 3


The longest part of my road trip 846 km according to google maps a drive of just under 11 hours. 

I left at 0400 and reached my destination at around 2000. It took me 16 hours I did stop for breaks but, not for 5 hours. 


Traffic slowed me down and it rained very heavy and was windy. My car weighs under 1000 kg and is rear wheel drive.  So I had to slow down a lot. Overtaking lorries was scary with moments of greatly reduced visabilty. Gusts of wind blew me half way across the lanes on the highway. I was caught driving with the roof down when it was raining and had to drive for a while until I could safely stop and put the roof up.


I was avoiding all toll roads and wet  bendy roads in a lightweight supercharged car with 14 inch tyres meant one thing drifting.

Bucket seats and a hardness are a must for any track day or Sunday morning driving on bendy roads. But, on a long drive it is very uncomfortabe.



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By sea and land
By sea and land

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