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A little about today

By cabak | Claiming | 1 Mar 2021


Today there was an interesting situation in the taskpays project, which I mentioned earlier here

I withdrew funds as usual, and was very surprised when instead of $ 30, I received 2 times $ 30 each ;)

a little later I received a letter from the project, I quote


Dear Tasker,

As we were processing todays payout requests we experienced a technical error that made over 1,568 users to get overpaid- Duplicate payouts.This has come to our attention and we are working to ensure the issue does not happen again. 

What Should You Do?

Instead of having our beloved Taskers go through the hustle of returning the funds to us and incurring un-necessary transaction charges and complexities of refunding the money, all users who have received an overpayment, we shall consider that as an advance payment to you. Our team is going to debit/ remove an equal amount from your Earnings balance, meaning that you will continue working until the amount overpaid is fully paid in the long run from your day to day activities.

Please note: This will only affect the users who have recieved an overpayment during todays withdrawal.

Important Update

As we endeavour to streamline our processes and make you have a smooth experience working with us, From today 1st March 2021, We shall consolidate our withdrawal processes for Taskpays to be for 24hrs on Fridays instead of 12 hours Monday and 12 hours Friday.

Please note: Our team is now finalizing on the few remaining payouts that had remained after the duplicate payouts and if you have not yet recieved your payout you shall recieve your funds in your wallet in the next 45min-90mins.

Kind regards,

Taskpays Team. "

I am very happy with this outcome, because there were worries about what would happen to the project (I realized that I was not the only one who received a duplicate payment). This is the outcome and I am happy with the result.
The picture for today is


Moreover, in this screenshot, the double payment has not yet been taken into account, so in fact 78.78 + 30 = 108.78 $ has already been withdrawn!

In a week, I will fully justify the $ 120 invested and will work profitably.

And I advise you to join while the project is running!

Now regarding another coingain project, which is written about here.

To withdraw the referral litecoin I started a deposit LTC today
Had a bit of a bite off deferred to ADA fork.

The picture for today is


Yes, the interest is not big, but it's a plus!
I wish everyone good earnings and a positive mood!

With the first day of spring!

Photo by Valeriia Miller from Pexels  

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