Chainlink presents Civilization, the world's first decentralised hedge fund

By mrfuji | Civilization | 20 Jan 2022

Exciting times at Civilization!


Civilization team will be present in London at an event hosted by Chainlink on January 21st. DexMan that leads the $CIV dev team will show the participants how to build a Chainlink Keeper from scratch.

Civilization is the first decentralised hedge fund, 100% self-determined financial community. 300M Capped supply and tokenomics that guarantee a constant burn of $CIV tokens. 100% Supply+LP burned.

The implementation of Chainlink Keepers is what makes the magic on CIVtrade closing your position when the price matches your conditions. Now you have the possibility to "Limit Trade" every token that has liquidity on Uniswap V3 achieving also 0% Slippage, 0% Price Impact, 0 Front-running while earning 100% of the liquidity fees in that pool. This is CIVtrade!

CIVtrade was successfully audited by Certik and other 2 products are in the making, CIVfarm first and CIVfund later will give the world a taste of what decentralization can do in this recent born DeFi sphere!

You'll be able to stake NFTs also, like the Emerald 2000 that exists only in 500 copies and that will give a boost to your gains and other benefits still not revealed.

So stay tuned for more $CIV updates!

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Civilization is the first decentralised hedge fund, self-determined financial community with the vision of giving everyone DeFi instruments and achieve financial freedom. Audited by Certik. Partnered with Chainlink.

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