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My Unforgettable Creepy Story

By kat2x | Circle of Life | 19 Aug 2020

I have this aunt who suffered from brain tumor. She became very ill and eventually died after years of fighting with her illness.

Before she died, we had this so called "cold War". When she was well, we used to go out with her. She liked being seen on bars and jam with us who are younger than her.

As her niece I have a great respect to my aunt. Then one day I noticed something in her.

One day in an Internet cafe, I saw her youngest daughter peep on the computer she's on. She suddenly pushed her in the chest and the poor little girl cried. Then I heard her "this is my only daughter" referring to her second child she was holding on the other side. I was pissed off! I found out later on that she's joining dating sites.

Since then I never liked her and my relationship with her became very dark.

She became very ill. My heart broke seeing my uncle struggle with her. I see them every day as if it's a bad dream. We're in the same roof so I see how their life is going on. My uncle being my mom's brother, I couldn't just stand and watch them. So, as much as I could I try to help him even if I have that relationship gap with her.

After so much suffering, my aunt died. We weren't able to say sorry to each other. I just prayed for her and that she leaves peacefully wherever she is. Of course I asked forgiveness for whatever space we have created in between.

One night, I came home a little tipsy. I had a few drinks after a long day at work. I went straight up in bed to sleep.

I opened the door and turned the lights on. I usually don't turn off the lights especially when I'm alone. I twisted the curtains and opened the windows to allow the cold wind to my room.

I faced the window as I lay down in my bed. It was all silent. I fell asleep for a moment. Then suddenly I feel tight! I opened my eyes.

I twisted my body to the other side to gasp some air. It's as if I'm being pinned to my bed but I was able to turn to the other side.

Then as I turn, I open my eyes and saw a woman standing in my door! My eyes grew wide. I was terrified with what I'm seeing at that moment.

I blinked several times to see if its not a dream and it's not!

It was her. Her eyes are all black. She's standing there facing me, wearing a turban she used to wear during the time when she lost all her hair. Her face was when she was paralized. My dead aunt. It's really her. She's there right in my room door! 😱😱😱

She stood there for almost 5 minutes? I don't know. I managed to grab my phone and called my cousin whose just watching a movie downstairs.

She came and I cried so loud in front of her. I told her to never leave me and my brother came along telling me I was crazy.

I still can't breathe and I called my friends to pick me up. They came right away and brought me somewhere I can get some fresh air. I never stopped crying. Then they accompanied me to the church to light up a candle and we offered a prayer for my late aunt.

After that night, I never slept alone in my room.

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