Christie's love Ether

Christie's love Ether

By pspspspsps | Christies loves Ether | 5 May 2021

When Beeple's Everydays: The First 5000 Days (2021) sold for $69,346,250, where the totals does ”are hammer price plus buyer’s premium and are reported net of applicable fees." as it is said on the auction page on Christie's. Over sixtynine millions paid in Ether, around 42329.453 ETH. Two things happened then for the first time by a major auction house: the auction was a standalone NFT artwork and Ether was accept as a payment option. On March 11th, Beeple rose into the top 3 most valuable pieces by living artists.

On March 12th, Noah Davis said, according to TheStreet:

Davis, the Christie's specialist, says the record-breaking Beeple auction price means the storied auction house will arrange more NFT auctions in the "near future".

Little less than four weeks after, on April 8th, Christie's annouced another NFTs art auction of Larva Labs 9 Cryptopunks bidding starting on May 11th and registration closes two days earlier. These 9 Punks are estimated to fetch $7,000,000—9,000,000, or 2,017.19—2,593.53 Ether, but it is nothing unnatural for these kind of opportunitys to fetch more than the estimate.

The 9 Nine Punks are #2, #30, #58, #532, #602, #603, #635, #757, and #768.


”We are pleased to have brought together two distinct collecting communities – the traditional and the digital – at exactly the right moment for digital artists, for blockchain technology, and for cryptocurrency. The possibilities for what comes next in this field are inspiring and we look forward to  more collaborative innovations in the near future.”

— Guillaume Cerutti, CEO of Christie’s confirmes the romance with Ether. 

It seems surely that after this second auction a third one will follow. This signals the establishment of NFT artworks as high-art and make Ether more potential and thus valuable, or a good investment to HODL coming not from a financial advisor or meant to be taken as an advice.

In a week we shall know better and see where this love story is going to.


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Christies loves Ether
Christies loves Ether

Following the recent Web 2.0 romance comparable with Princess Diana & Prince Philip

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