DOGE today

DOGE is going up to $0.09 very soon

DOGE is going to get to nine cents in weeks or days, not months.


The other main cryptos are also going up, such as SHIB, ETH, LTC, BTC, and XRP.


Each of these cryptos I've mentioned are unique in their own ways, and they will behave independently from one another, but their overall trend of "up" or "down" is tied together, because the same "big money" is interested in these, so when it's flowing in, they all go up, and when it's flowing out, they all go down.


Everything in the cryptospheres is a combination of manual trading by humans and automatic trading by bots.  The bots are regulated by humans, so a human somewhere is making the choices that guide the bots' activities, but the bots are programmed to monitor and make quick decisions to maximize profit based on trends and histories.


It's all going up soon to a new baseline that will hold for a short while with some moderate volatility up and down, and then there is going to be a sudden downturn in the prices, before the next great Moonshot.

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