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Story of the Dalmatian dog

By FreeCryptoBro | Chillout zone | 11 Feb 2023

I have noticed a lot of people using the Dalmatian dog in combination with the newly arrived Spot token, so I have decided to write a short article about the Dalmatian dog, which originates from my homeland Croatia.



The name comes from the region of Dalmatia, how the seacoast in Croatia is called.


The dog has been mentioned numerous times through history.


Here is an image from the 18th century from the monastery of Zaostrog, depicting the final dinner with Jesus (although the dog has been mentioned far earlier, first known written mention in 13th century...)



Originating as a hunting dog, it eventually became popular in the 18th century as a Carriage dog, being brought to England by travelers who traveled across Europe.


Carriage duties included - clearing the way in front of horses, clearing crowds away in streets, defending the carriage against robbers ""Highwaymen" who were quite popular during that time haha. 

“‘As a companion, the Dalmatian is unequaled,'”

“‘He can be broken as a pointer, he will even run a rabbit if need be. He will follow his master all day on foot, or after a carriage, and will be interested in everything that is going on.”

That's one tough dog. Imagine back in the day, running all along your carriage accompanying it from town to town, guarding it from unknown dangers, and not getting tired. 

These skills helped them gain quite a lot of popularity with firefighters, obviously being a great asset in fire-fighting duties.

Here's a great article about the history of Dalmatians as fire dogs in America.

Btw I have to note this from the article, they say that at one point in history they were doing a Harvard study to scientifically understand how the dogs were drawn to the horses or whatever lol:

"She also points to a theory that this role developed from the breed’s notable, albeit scientifically unproven, affinity towards horses. The ongoing curiosity about Dalmatians even led to a Harvard study to understand how the dogs were drawn to their coach positions. According to Steinmetz, certain dogs would automatically gravitate toward certain positions, whether it was the back or right under the horse."

I would like to read that study haha.



You can't tell me this ain't a bad-ass pic lol.... They had their own compartment to ride in. How cool is that.



During the Regency era, the dog became sort of a status symbol.

5809b008eb0f15ae2c623a81181c21981d20c413ad6b92ef55eade32bef07c33.jpg - Francesco di Cosimo II de' Medici (1614–1634) with a Dalmatian, by Justus Sustermans


I personally love dogs & find them interesting so much.

I've read an interesting article but sadly i can't find it anymore. Anyways, it was about the proof of evolution and adaption which shows in dogs - for example the Norway dog Lundehund has 6 toes on its paws (so it can climb better on sturdy Norwegian rocks lmao), the African Basenji (which doesn't bark and is more like a cat) and many more that now I can't remember.

Anyways, here is my theory & picture how I think the Dalmatian dog "adapted" in Croatia lol


Perfect camouflage on an average Croatian pebble beach.


Besides all of this, the dog is mostly known from the Novel & Cartoon series 101 Dalmatian, but I guess most probably know that. Owing its popularity to the movie exposure, this has led to increased overbreeding of poor specimens - causing bad health, high rate of deafness etc. 

Regarding the usual dog characteristics, I do have to say it is probably not a dog for everyone due to its high energy temper (meaning it's not an inside house toy dog).  It can be aggressive towards strangers if not properly trained. It's a dog that needs human companionship and duties.


That would be about it for this post.




Have a nice day.

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