Bitcoin Cash is a Life Saver

By MasterZee | Charmy | 13 Apr 2021

I'm living in the Philippines and I can say that our government here is not the type that you want. I'm living in a small city where we don't have any cases in Covid-19. Then one day, they announce that there is a positive person in covid-19 and that was my aunt. Then we our city turn into a ghost town.

Jobs, businesses and other ways to earn money has been closed due to covid-19. My aunt is 56 years old and she is staying at home for a very long time because she has problems with her legs. She can't go out and we are the one who is working and taking care of her for the past 10 years.

I don't think that she has covid-19 because she is not exposed to other people. She is just staying inside of her room all day and there is no possibility that she can carry this virus.

We undergone for a test for this virus as well and end up negative so I wonder why she is turns positive.

After a couple of weeks that we are in Enhance Community Quarantine, we are almost getting empty in terms of financial. Our Local Government Units said that they are providing food for the first and two weeks of the quarantine but after three to four weeks, we haven't receive any help from them.

We need to have a way to survive in this situation. Then a friend told me about cryptocurrency and I tried to learn every basic information of cryptocurrency. It was hard for me at first because I am not used to electronic money or online payments, online wallet and how it works but I still try to understand it.

I was in for 2 months now and I made enough savings with it. I haven't touch all of my earning in since I joined there. I am also posting some articles here in but I'm not that active because I have a lot of things to do everyday.

One day, we don't have anything left after a month with quarantine. I am thinking of spending my savings in to buy food. I wasn't able to withdraw my earning because I don't know where to withdraw. Then I took some research how to transfer my Bitcoin Cash into our local money. Luckily, I found a way to convert to Philippine Peso.

I converted my 50% earnings in and buy 10 kilos of rice and other things that we need everyday.

After spending that money, I can't explain the feelings that I have. It's my first time spending money from cryptocurrency. I didn't expect that I can really use it for emergency and casual times.

So I decided to not stop earning Bitcoin Cash as long as I can earn it. I made some research last night about the projects of Bitcoin Cash and the future of it. I was invited in because of the reasons that I can earn money and I wasn't able to inform that Bitcoin Cash can be useful in times that you need it.

Without Bitcoin Cash, I think we are suffering in hunger on the day that we are almost empty in pockets and with our stomach.

I Invited my friends to try it and I shared my experience with it so that I can convince them to try it. I told them every single information that I knew about Bitcoin Cash but I think it's not enough so I'm still searching and learning it.

I'm looking for some ways to earn some Bitcoin Cash too and if you have any suggestions about it, you can comment below.

What I learned in this situation.

Bitcoin cash is the peoples currency, you can use it whatever you want. you don't need any special permission just to use it. No one can tell you what to do with your money and no one is holding it, just you.


Easy to use

After searching a way to convert my Bitcoin Cash, I didn't expect that it so easy to use and transfer. I took about 5 minutes to transfer it to my local currency. Unlike other payment method that I tried online, fast and easy transactions is what Bitcoin Cash can give you.


Don't underestimate Bitcoin Cash

Some people say that it is just a coin with no value at all or a copy cat of bitcoin. If this coin has no value, it cannot save us from hunger. The value that it gives with it's holder is unbelievable.

After holding Bitcoin Cash for a couple of months, I made a nice amount of it. I did not spend it all because I know that there is a bright future that is waiting for me if I will just hold it.

You don't need to hold 100% of it if you are in trouble. Because what's a currency for if you are not spending it for your life and I think that is the best use of Bitcoin Cash.


My Plans to Save More Bitcoin Cash

  • - I will now try to be active here and make articles about bitcoin cash as long as I can. after 2 Months I am just posting some nonsense articles (Random) articles that I found not so interesting.

  • - I will not stop using because this is the first place where I earn my Bitcoin Cash. I will now reduce my post about things that is not related with Bitcoin Cash. I made a decent amount of Bitcoin Cash on posting stuff that is not related with Bitcoin Cash but now it's not worth my time.

  • Engage with other to learn more - Asking someone who really knows about Bitcoin Cash is the best option for me to learn more. I saw a lot of articles about Bitcoin Cash and I was inspired of them. I want to make friends with them too and if I comment on your article please welcome me as a newbie and teach me. Thank you

  • Save my Bitcoin Cash - I will try my best to save most of my earning in Bitcoin Cash. Our jobs is operating in normal now and I can save a lot of Bitcoin Cash this time.

  • 50% fiat saving - I will now save 50% of my saving in Bitcoin Cash. In this way, I can save more Bitcoin Cash. The reason why I want to save and convert it to Bitcoin Cash is because Banks are sometimes closed. I wasn't able to withdraw my money last few days ago because most of the banks here are closed.

  • More ways to earn more - I want to earn more in other ways, I know that most of the users here are doing that. You can't earn in your maximum potential if you are just sticking in one way. I know and is one of the great sites where you can Bitcoin Cash but exploring other ways is not prohibited.

Thank you for taking your time reading my article and if you like my article please let me know and let's be friends. I will try my best to make a better articles in the future. I'm not really good in writing and you can check my previous articles to know what I mean.

That's it for today.


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