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I am a 28 year old teacher and programmer looking to share his adventure in crypto and his mission to get rich in an emerging country. I am finishing my studies and will finally have time to do projects that I had postponed, such as a YouTube channel and personal website. I want to help those who are in the same situation as me and that we can all improve ourselves together or at least share knowledge that will serve in the future or something.

Alien worlds , Binance ¿Cómo farmear TLM? 🤑❤️‍🔥

11 Apr 2021 1 minute read 1 comment Charlyxx

Les dejo un video de mi canal.     Links: WAX Alien Worlds Binance    

Alien Worlds. Gana dinero y NFT gratis jugando.

11 Apr 2021 8 minute read 1 comment Charlyxx

Les dejo un video de mi canal. También les dejo lo que sería el script o el texto del mismo por si lo necesitan.   # Alien worldsEl futuro de los videojuegos cada vez es más parecido a películas como Ready Player One y los NFT son la prueba viva de...

Presearch, all the information I know and point of view as a user.

28 Mar 2021 13 minute read 2 comments Charlyxx

Presearch is a search engine just like Google or Duck Duck Go, what makes this search engine unique is that it is decentralized and when you do searches it rewards you with PRE, the Presearch token. So, in a nutshell, you get paid for using the searc...