By charlesfuchs | charlesfuchs | 12 Nov 2019

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You heard that right, this is my Crypto Debit Card from MCO and the best thing about it... you can get it for free.

With this card, I'm capable of purchasing anything I want at any store.

What's even better is that anyone can even purchase crypto with the build in wallet and earn up to 18% interest on all their crypto just by holding it with them. 💁‍♂️

Have USDT, TUSD or Stable Coins? No Problem! MCO will even pay you up to 12% APR for holding it.

WTH, currently normal banks pays people less than 1% a year in their savings accounts! What a scam! 😂

MCO has many other options also. First off, the regular cards are free for everyone but it comes with little benefits.

However, if you upgrade your cards by staking 50 - 500 MCO Tokens (like I did)... you can get better interest rates and get cash back on all your purchases.

You will also get a free Spotify/Netflix account paid back to you in crypto.

The cool thing about staking 50 MCO Tokens is that they will also offer you $50 just for getting the upgraded card. 🤑

This is a game changer in my opinion! I have no idea why people would hold fiat cash in their bank accounts these days. It's a rip off! 🤦

Check out the MCO Video Here:


MCO also offers an awesome referral program.

For each friend that gets the crypto debit card through your link and stakes 50 MCO tokens, you will also get $50!

You can get more information right here... All you have to do is Download The App, set up your account and get started right away.

Keep On STACKIN! 😎

~ Charles Fuchs

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