The Doge Network mining app as fake as hell

Introduction to cents world

By GarisOjmon | Cent's Hunter | 22 Apr 2022

Hi guys, I’m Garis

first of all I’m a crypto addict, sadly I’m start this year, but since start i see that if i don't full enter on this world of crypto I’ll never get anywhere, but also i don't have any to inverts, so where to start?, yes i fall as many of you that are reading this post to the free world of crypto, as you know there are many ways to earn and in the bad way to be scammed, it's sad but it's very easy be scammed and here I’ll going to explain how this webs and apps works to scam people. yes, I’m a merc and together we'll going to kick some asses.

The first app i want to speak about is Doge Network app


APP Programmer Link Adds Wallet Withdrawall Amount Withdrawall Doge Network Unknow Mised Everywere Fake At 2 Million Users


Everything was going good when i download this app because in some web recommend it and this one was on playstore so i give it a try.


This app works well in general, good interface, good appearance, many coins, many publicity but tolerable, but somehow one good day appears one error "User unknow" so i get the contact of support so i write them but they doesn’t answer at all, the day keep going and i keep whit my claiming but something doesn’t feel well, so i search the app in google play and i can't find it, so I’ll go to my cellphone and go to the link on the info tab of the app and in the play store say it was removed. I hate the app, if the app was the option of black holed i was throwed away with all nukes of the planet!.

but the way, on me keep going searching for happy cents heaven i found this.


That's right! the evil twin!!!! they just move to another app, same publicity, same 3 milestone goal, same characteristic, but something is different.


APP Programmer Link Adds Wallet Withdrawall Amount Withdrawall Bitcoin Miner Gemina Network Everywere Fake 3 Millions milestone Users


The creepy thing is the preview it's very diferent but the copy and paste of the app it's anoying. finally i must say that all this reviewing it's for you, this works for the intro for this blog and please suport me, below i give you apps actualy works and some i working on to review it after.



This is all folks, if you want review of a specific app or an app you already try to make me less poor, i will glad.

The next post i'll review the points of a scam app, for do that we'll review 3 apps

Garis Ojmon

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