Crypto-currencies or FIAT?

Centralized or Decentralized Finance

What are you willing to go with?

     For decades now, people all around the world have had their money in stored in these centralized institutions. Whether they want security or they do not have any physical place to put it away. Putting it in a centralized bank comes with a great price to pay. Freedom. These institution control your money, they can freeze all of your financial assets with little notice. But would you switch to decentralized finance? Where you have control of your assets and the decision you make is yours and nobody else. 

     If you have chosen the decentralized path, then you have entered a new world of finance. You are now responsible and in charge of your personal finance. Now, it is easier to send money to the other person without any authority to stop you. With this, you will now be responsible for what it is yours. Security is only as good as how you protect it yourself. But the freedom is the greatest prize when you switch over to decentralized finance.

Canada and the Freedom Convoy

     Canada, the "leader of the free world" has frozen bank accounts over a protest. The protest were Truckers speaking up to Trudeau about his absurd COVID-19 mandates. This has sparked a light that everyone will see. Truckers were outraged with all the mandates. Outlets and social media have spread the word and wanted to support our truckers. Anyone who was donating/contributing to the "Freedom Convoy" had their bank accounts frozen. With the government interfering with the private citizens financial assets, many have lost faith in their service providers. So, their only other option was to switch to crypto. With anonymous supporters, the money was provided to help our essential truckers. With no one being able to stop these transaction going from point A to point B.

Sanction against Russia

     Amidst the invasion of Ukraine. The world has turned their backs against the Russian government. But the civilians were the actual unintended target. Banking services has gone away in Russia. The Russian citizens can not get their cash out without being block because they are in Russia. Services have gone away. The 'Ruble' is the Russians currency, that has lost it value. 1 Ruble is the equivalent to 1 Robux in-game currency. What that mean is that the 'Ruble' is useless. Now, without banking service and high inflation. The Russian citizens have resorted to cryptocurrencies as a utility that will help them move on with their daily lives.

The other way

     CRYPTO. A digital currency that cannot be governed or manipulated. From Bitcoin to Ethereum, it was the favorable choice. Banks and Government cannot shut you down due to a conflict. Your money can just go straight to the receiver and no one will be able to stop if from going. And it is anonymous, which means no individual or entities will know who sent it. Keeping it in your wallet means that banks cannot lend it out with interest and profiting off your money.

The outcome

     Many have seen the consequences on both sides. Many have switched from a centralized service to decentralized. With digital currencies, the daily people can do anything at ease. With low fees, no middle man, no government meddling, and anonymity. Crypto is the best alternative that will replace physical cash and centralized banking systems. That means 'your keys, your crypto, not your keys, not your crypto'.


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Centralized or Decentralized
Centralized or Decentralized

The choices an individual will have to make when their financial institute is failing them.

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