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My First Write Up.

By Mog | My First Blog Here. | 2 Feb 2021


I been a crypto HODLers since when 2016, I don't even remember. But as far as I remember a lot of good things has already happen. Who among you remember the time when there is only Bitcoin (BTC) and nothing else there. Now there are a tons of coin to choose from and bet you money with it hoping that it will sky rocket you to what ever place you want and be.

There it is.......... 

But unfortunately a lot of people are still do not know what directions or crypto they will spend their times and investments. And unfortunately there are also a lot of people who are smart enough to know this weakness and target them for exploits.

                                  Hi Mr.Burns

Well anyway, What I am writing here is not an tutorial or walkthrough on this cryptocurrency trend, It's just a reminder for you guys to check first the project and don't just throw you hard earn money away. I actually referring to one of friend that have been scam on this industry and I hope he is reading this. There's only one thing I can tell, Please ask question first and try to check the legitimacy of a project before you dive in, this word is everywhere involving crypto, you can find this advice always, Do your own research. I feel so sorry about my folk here.                                                          


Well anyway just want to share how I feel about whoever this investment platform that he got in.

Is there any article here or writer here just focusing on there malicious people?


I am not a writer and not writing blog, but upon hearing this news, I just want to write it up and share it.

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My First Blog Here.
My First Blog Here.

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