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Parachute Weekly Update: PARtokenomics, Cryzen + Crix, ETHOS on BitMart, MetaMorphPro Dex... – 2 Aug - 8 Aug'19

31 Aug 2019 4 minute read 0 comments Abhijoy Sarkar

Hiya Parachuters! Here’s another week at Parachute + partners (2 Aug – 8 Aug’19):   The signups for the Parachute Premier League Challenge closed today. The final prize pool stands at 545k PAR with a grand prize of 300k PAR for the winner. Saweet! 29...

How Blockchain Technology Completely Disrupts Traditional Market Research

31 Aug 2019 7 minute read 1 comment Insights Network

Why Blockchain? Blockchain transaction ID’s on every provider’s (survey panelists) submissions (data exchange) creates an environment of transparency never before delivered across the Market Research Industry. If you’re involved in Market Research a...

Ep. 5 The Weekly BAT: Aug 30, 2019 — Wikipedia now a Brave verified publisher!

31 Aug 2019 1 minute read 4 comments KeenanRIVALS

The Weekly BAT has released episode 5! In this week's podcast, they talk about Wikipedia becoming a verified Brave publisher, Brendan Eich's interview with Cheddar and a new BAT podcast. Be sure to show the BAT Community's podcast some love! Also, I'...

Parachute Weekly Update: Sentivate, OST and MetaMorphPro on ParJar, Wysker goes social, 2gether Founder Plus Program, ETHOS on Voyager... – 26 Jul - 1 Aug'19

30 Aug 2019 5 minute read 0 comments Abhijoy Sarkar

Hi folks! We saw a ton of awesome new projects join hands with ParJar this week. Read on to find out more. Here’s your week at Parachute + partners (26 Jul – 1 Aug’19):   Sentivate’s SNTVT token (learn more about Sentivate by clicking here), OST Plat...

CryptantCrab – Over $10,000 USD in Tournament Prizes!

30 Aug 2019 2 minute read 1 comment CryptantCrab

The First CryptantCrab tournament is LIVE and will end on September 5th, 2019 UTC 00:00. Launching 3 days ago with just 32 ETH, the prize pool has grown to 34.83 ETH and will continue to grow until the very last minute of the Tournament! The prize p...

Internationalising Ingage

30 Aug 2019 2 minute read 1 comment Incent

We have high hopes for the technology we have built to distribute Incent in return for any form of valued engagement, online or off. The nature of advertising is changing fast, in parallel to the changing shape of our economy as a whole. The growth o...

Parachute Weekly Update: Mycro on ParJar, PAR on MetaMorphPro, new customer for Resolvr, 1UP on IDEX... – 19 Jul - 25 Jul'19

29 Aug 2019 5 minute read 0 comments Abhijoy Sarkar

Heya everyone, looks like we are in for another round of rapid catch ups on the weekly updates. Haha. Here's another exciting week at Parachute + partners (19 Jul - 25 Jul'19):   In honour of our latest partnership with Silent Notary, this week we ha...

Can Brave Browser's Ad Matching Compete With Google And Facebook?

29 Aug 2019 3 minute read 8 comments littleboy

Brave Ads is a digital advertising platform powered by the brave browser. Though it is an advertising system, it works differently from current industry giants. By industry giants, I mean Google and Facebook because they dominate the digital advertis...

Changelog Speaker Spotlight — Eric Anziani, Chief Strategy Officer of

29 Aug 2019 3 minute read 0 comments CoinGecko

CoinGecko will be hosting sixteen exciting crypto projects at the upcoming Changelog stage during Invest Asia 2019 happening on 10–11 September 2019. The Changelog stage offers projects the opportunity to share important updates and development roadm...

Syscoin Platform: Something is Cooking!

29 Aug 2019 1 minute read 10 comments drluv

There are some major development milestones ahead coming with Syscoin, but you won't find the Syscoin team hyping it in advance as is typically common in the crypto space. The Syscoin team tends to develop fully functional leading-edge development as...