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What Is IDO And How To Participate In It?

6 Jan 2023 3 minute read 1 comment SimpleSwap

The offer of new, cheap and promising tokens on DEX exchanges, firstly, attracts buyers and helps the newly minted project raise money for development, and secondly, it allows speculative investors to get a good income (but this is not for certain)....

Purchasing Bitcoin with a credit/debit card hassle-free

3 May 2024 1 minute read 0 comments ChangeNOW

How to buy Bitcoin with credit card easily and hassle-free? Here is a comprehensive step-by-step guide for you by ChangeNOW ūüí°! Step 1: Visit the ChangeNOW Website. To initiate the process, visit the¬†ChangeNOW¬†website by typing "" into yo...

Self-Custody Wallets And Why They Matter So Much

4 Jan 2023 5 minute read 8 comments Pillar

The recent events with FTX have led people to recall the famous rule in the crypto world: Not Your Keys, Not Your Crypto. This phrase becomes more popular whenever a crypto-based company experiences something catastrophic, as it happened with Mt Gox,...

Utility Token vs Security Token

13 Jan 2023 1 minute read 4 comments StealthEX

The main difference between security and utility tokens is the purpose of their emissions. What Is a Utility Token?  These are tokens with the help of which users get access to the software utility (or service) of the blockchain platform. They do not...

AI-powered discovery network for NFTs launches $PULSR token

25 Apr 2024 3 minute read 1 comment Publish0x PRs

$PULSR token event takes place on Thursday, April 25 Token will unlock exclusive perks for holders Magic Eden, Madlads and other leading NFT marketplaces and communities receiving airdrop. ¬† GEORGE TOWN, CAYMAN ISLANDS ‚ÄĒ APRIL 25, 2024: Pulsr, an...

Anonymous Cryptocurrency Wallets: Advantages and Limitations

19 Apr 2024 3 minute read 0 comments SimpleSwap

Maintaining anonymity in the digital space today is an unnecessary option for some and a principle for others. Dealing with cryptocurrencies initially implied complete anonymity, but over time and with the increasing influence of centralized platform...

December 2023 #Publish0x Leaderboards Contest Winners: $135 in $OP Rewarded to Top 10 Ambassadors!

23 Jan 2024 1 minute read 10 comments igort

Here are the December 2023 monthly Ambassador's contest winners - the third time we are rewarding you in $OP token over Optimism Network, since this token was introduced as a tipping token on Publish0x. Remember, top ambassadors from each month will...

What Has Happened to the NFT Market?

20 Oct 2023 3 minute read 12 comments SimpleSwap

June 2023 was a landmark period in the history of NFTs: the so-called NFT bubble burst, and 95% of non-fungible tokens lost their value. What were the preconditions for the market collapse and why are pictures that once blew up the digital world no l...

December 2022 #Publish0x Leaderboards Contest Winners: $200 in $SPOT Rewarded to Top 20 Ambassadors!

20 Jan 2023 1 minute read 9 comments igort

Announcing the winners of the last Ambassador's contest in 2022 - the December '22 Ambassador's contest winners are here! Thank you all of you who took part in this contest in any way. Congratulations to the winners. For those who were close, I wish...

Public Announcement: All Remaining HYDRO and BNTY tokens on Publish0x Converted Into DAI

3 Apr 2020 1 minute read 42 comments igort

Hi all, This is a quick announcement to let you know that all of the HYDRO and BNTY tokens that are still in users accounts on Publish0x, have been converted into a corresponding value in DAI. The DAI has already been added to users existing DAI bala...