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Spectrecoin Official Monthly Newsletter (December 2018)

9 Jan 2019 6 minute read 5 comments Alias

January 2019 Welcome to 2019 and a happy new year to everyone! This is the first Spectrecoin newsletter of the year and we have something rather special to share. Stealth-Staking is now a reality and we will cover this in some detail below. There is...

Hydro Trading Analysis (FA/TA)- November 2018

8 Jan 2019 5 minute read 1 comment Mayor

The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and speculative but a good understanding of TA, FA, and other general market influencers will help investors to minimize risk.  The price of a token is a direct indication of the value/prospect of the toke...

Stratis Roadmap Review

4 Jan 2019 2 minute read 0 comments HydroJayted

Stratis is one of, if not the only, main stream object-oriented language compatible smart the moment. Stratis is a development platform to facilitate real world enterprise and financial services. Stratis among others, has succeeded in pai...

Everything you need to know about the Brave Browser and BAT token

24 Nov 2018 4 minute read 38 comments Zoran Spirkovski

Imagine you got paid for viewing ads on the internet? Sounds unreal?  Brave & BAT are making this happen and they are growing fast.  Warning, after reading this, you will probably ditch your current browser and #SwitchToBrave. Thousands of companies...

Donating 1 Bitcoin (BTC) to Charity On My 10 Year Open Heart Surgery Anniversary

19 Nov 2018 4 minute read 11 comments Dan Bainbridge

Donating Bitcoin   Today was my 10 year anniversary of open heart surgery! To give back some gratitude I've given 1 bitcoin (btc) to charity - CHUF, the Childrens Heart Unit Foundation (and I'd love to invite some of my bitcoin friends to also make a...

Publish0x Roadmap

14 Oct 2018 2 minute read 18 comments Dan Bainbridge

Last Updated 17th March 2019: This is a fluid document so we will keep updating it over time. Timelines aren't exact but this is what we have coming up next!   [DONE!] Pre-Beta: Only BNTY token, it powers all tipping, and we pay the tips. This is ju...

Why Publish0x is Powered by Bounty0x (BNTY)

11 Oct 2018 4 minute read 19 comments Dan Bainbridge

UPDATE: BNTY was the first token used on Publish0x, as we saw synergy between our projects. BNTY is not used as a tipping token on Publish0x for many years... instead, we feature other exciting projects and use their tokens for tipping. Thus, this po...

How can people donate Bitcoin to me?

20 Sep 2022 3 minute read 4 comments NOWPayments

Charities were among the first to start accepting cryptocurrencies. The number of non-profit organizations that accept donations in cryptocurrency is constantly growing. It is not surprising because crypto donations allow you to organize a really eff...

One Crypto Tool - Two profitable solutions: Swapzone Case

16 Sep 2022 3 minute read 0 comments Swapzone

Partner: a major cryptocurrency exchange The initial amount of assets: 500 Monthly traffic: 386 000 Usage period: 4 months Area of implementation: desktop exchange and mobile app   Part 1: Application to B2C What was done:  The partner implement...

👀 Top DeFi Tokens By Hodlers

15 Sep 2022 1 minute read 0 comments

  Top DeFi Tokens by Hodlers All Token prices dropped in 30d Most of the tokens' active addresses & transfer vol slumped. Holders' number remained relatively stable. All token ranking👇