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Detailed Guide on Terra LUNA & LUNC

18 Dec 2023 4 minute read 6 comments Guarda Wallet

The Terra network (now Terra Classic) and its tokens are among the most talked about topics in the crypto market. The network is known for investing in dApps to increase user growth and its stablecoin, USTC (pegged to the USD and backed by Luna...

Why Team Building is Essential for Organizational Success

19 Jan 2024 2 minute read 2 comments Publish0x PRs

In today's dynamic business landscape, success hinges on one crucial factor: the team. But simply forming a team won’t cut it. True synergy springs from a cohesive unit, bound by clear communication, effective collaboration, and a shared vision. This...

All for Love: a Teacher Lost $555,000 In a Crypto Scam

27 Nov 2023 3 minute read 15 comments SimpleSwap

Fraudulent money operations, scams, and extortion are not new phenomena in the traditional world. Police stations around the world are regularly filled with fresh stories about scammers who gain trust and then disappear with voluntarily given money f...

Inscribe The Cross-Chain Marketplace for Inscriptions Launches Its Token INS

5 Feb 2024 2 minute read 2 comments Publish0x PRs

INS, the token from Inscribe, a pioneer cross-chain marketplace and automated tool with an indexer API for inscriptions across all chains—including Bitcoin, EVM, and non-EVM— is officially live. Following its launch on February 1st, Inscribe's valuat...

What is Tezos and How Does It Work?

23 May 2024 3 minute read 2 comments Guarda Wallet

Tezos carves a unique niche in the dynamic realm of cryptocurrencies and decentralized technologies with its groundbreaking blockchain platform. Tezos crypto integrates distinctive features and governance strategies that not only differentiate it fro...

The Worldcoin Project: A Venture to Take Over the World

8 Sep 2023 4 minute read 3 comments SimpleSwap

At the end of July, a new project appeared on the crypto market, attracting the interest of the entire crypto community. The Worldcoin project is another ambitious child of Sam Altman, the founder of OpenAI and ChatGPT. Is it a new revolutionary solu...

What Is Slippage in Cryptocurrency Trading?

5 Aug 2023 6 minute read 13 comments StealthEX

What Is Slippage in Cryptocurrency Trading? Cryptocurrency or crypto trading refers to the act of speculating on cryptocurrency price fluctuations through a contract for difference (CFD) trading account or buying and selling the underlying coins thr...

October 2023 #Publish0x Leaderboards Contest Winners: $135 in $OP Rewarded to Top 10 Ambassadors!

19 Nov 2023 1 minute read 18 comments igort

Here are the October 2023 monthly Ambassador's contest winners - the first time we are rewarding you in $OP token that just got integrated for tipping on Publish0x! Thank you all of you who took part in this contest in any way. Congratulations to th...

Nuklai Launches Bitcoin Price Prediction Contest Leveraging Smart Data

29 Feb 2024 1 minute read 2 comments Publish0x PRs

On its mission to unlock new levels of crypto market insights leveraging its on-chain smart data technology, Nuklai has recently unveiled its latest collaborative research project: The Bitcoin Price Research Dataset.  This initiative leverages Nukla...

Breaking News: Dogecoin’s Rise with Musk, Satoshi Nakamoto Verdict, and Global Developments

16 Mar 2024 6 minute read 4 comments StealthEX

Dive into the freshest perspectives from StealthEX and CryptoDaily! We’re thrilled to present to you a concise, straightforward summary of the key developments influencing the crypto world. Curious about the top stories in the crypto realm this week?...