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Ethereum Dencun Upgrade EIP-4844: Everything You Need to Know About Proto-Danksharding

29 Mar 2024 7 minute read 1 comment NOWNodes

Behold the new Ethereum Dencun Upgrade has arrived!   As a community of blockchain enthusiasts, we are always excited about the latest upgrades in Ethereum. One such groundbreaking upgrade is the Ethereum Dencun. In this comprehensive guide, we will...

Banano is Turning 6! Join the Birthday Party on April 1st!

28 Mar 2024 2 minute read 10 comments banano

Time flies, and it feels crazy that it's already 6 years since Banano launched in 2018 and started its entirely free crypto distribution efforts. Banano is turning 6 on April 1st, 2024 — and you should come and celebrate with one of the most wholesom...

What is Borzoi Inu?: Innovative Solutions, Digital Art and Great Roadmap Ahead

28 Mar 2024 2 minute read 1 comment Guarda Wallet

What is Borzoi Inu? Borzoi Inu is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that pivots around the BORZ token, a native cryptocurrency powering transactions and interactions within its ecosystem. This community-led project, bolstered by a fully renounc...

Layer 1 vs. Layer 2 Blockchain Technologies: Unraveling the Crypto Layers

28 Mar 2024 4 minute read 2 comments Guarda Wallet

This guide delves into the Layer 1 vs Layer 2 blockchain comparison, showcases examples, and even sheds light on the groundbreaking Dencun upgrade for Ethereum L2 solutions, offering a rich tapestry of insights for Guarda Wallet users. As users walk...

Atlas Navi's Drive2Earn 2.0 offers big discounts on petrol prices

28 Mar 2024 4 minute read 4 comments Publish0x PRs

Bucharest, Romania, 28 March 2024: Atlas Navi, a trailblazer in AI-powered navigation, has unveiled Drive2Earn 2.0 — enhancing rewards for drivers as it sets its sights on overtaking Tesla as a market leader in capturing and analyzing vast quantitie...

What are Bitcoin Webhooks? Everything Web3 Developers Should Know About

28 Mar 2024 7 minute read 0 comments NOWNodes

In the constantly changing world of crypto, where FOMO pursues you from day to day, it’s crucial to be informed about the latest essential news, events, and updates for both Web3 developers and crypto enthusiasts. Webhooks are one of the pivotal tech...

Unlock Monero Mining Secrets: Ultimate XMR Mining Guide for 2024

28 Mar 2024 8 minute read 3 comments StealthEX

Monero (XMR) was among the first crypto assets with cryptography that offered real advances in privacy and fungibility over available alternatives. The majority of well-known cryptocurrencies, like Ethereum and Bitcoin, function on an open, unchangea...

Everything About Account Abstraction: Novel tool for ERC-4337 bundlers, RIP-7212, Safe co-founder on AA, “Pump The Gas” initiative, Particle’s AA modular L1 solution

28 Mar 2024 4 minute read 0 comments Pillar

We are welcoming you to our weekly digest! Here, we discuss the latest trends and advancements in account abstraction, as well as bring some insights from Etherspot’s kitchen. Please fasten your belts! New tool released to empower ERC-4337 bundl...

Function Island Launches Island Farm, Roadmap, and More!

28 Mar 2024 2 minute read 0 comments The DeFi Prince

Welcome back folks! We've been super busy here at Function Island to bring you the very best PulseChain has to offer! Therefore, we are pleased to announce that our very own Island Farm (yield farm) is now live (as of March 23rd)! I'll be delving int...

What is Pitbull Token (PIT): Unique Tokenomics, Philanthropy and Community

27 Mar 2024 4 minute read 0 comments Guarda Wallet

General Overview Powered by the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Pitbull Token brings together a vibrant and supportive community of crypto enthusiasts. With a total supply of 100 quadrillion tokens, Pitbull Token ensures inclusivity and accessibility for...