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How to Stake ATOM | Cosmos Staking Guide

9 Dec 2023 2 minute read 225 comments Guarda Wallet

  The Cosmos platform has its own cryptocurrency, a token called ATOM. This token plays a basic role in the existence of an economic ecosystem that regulates the work that underlies the entire network. What is Cosmos? Project Cosmos (ATOM) is a proje...

The TOP 3 Features On Binance That I Am Constantly Using

10 Dec 2023 3 minute read 146 comments Cryptonator`s

Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange and offers a range of features. For a new user, navigating through these services can be overwhelming.  I began trading on Binance back in 2019, and there are a few features that I have found to be parti...

Avalanche Exploration With Yield Yak - Top Yields And A Vibrant Community

11 Dec 2023 3 minute read 42 comments PVM

My Avalanche exploration started from the basecamp, with no climbing experience. I knew I wouldn't reach the peak without help, and the YAK is the best companion an mountaineer can have.  How this journey started? As random as everything else in the...

Crypto Farming: The Gold Rush of the Digital Age

24 Nov 2023 4 minute read 17 comments SimpleSwap

Venturing into the Crypto World often involves seeking new avenues for earning money. The first idea that usually comes to mind is cryptocurrency mining, but usually it's quickly discarded due to the high cost of equipment. The most common way to acq...

Pancake Swap - Migrating To VeCAKE For Extra Perks

18 Dec 2023 2 minute read 20 comments PVM

I used Pancake Swap since day one, farming in there soon after launch. I am still farming 3 years later, event if it is not what it was. The $CAKE token had a serious decline, even if PancakeSwap maintained the top DEX on BNB chain. You can still tra...

I Ghosted FANTOM - Will The Blockchain Become A Ghost Town?

30 Sep 2023 2 minute read 18 comments PVM

I explored Fantom for one year and things are as ghostly as they can be. SpiritSwap and BethoveenX where my DeFi experiments, and I've done heavy farming with my $CRE8R tokens. Unfortunatelly the graveyard shift started with the perpetual bear market...

One Month Later... How My Mainstream Alt Continues to Plow Forward

9 Dec 2023 2 minute read 13 comments Cje95

A month ago I wrote about my favorite "mainstream" alt that had been performing remarkably well and in the month since then it has only continued to gain. Chainlink, also known as LINK, has long been the leader in the data oracle space and last bull...

Top 5 Promising PoS Cryptocurrencies for Staking

23 Mar 2024 3 minute read 8 comments SimpleSwap

Staking is a more efficient and eco-friendly alternative to mining. It is based on the progressive Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism and is well-suited for passive crypto earnings. Let's discuss which PoS cryptocurrencies are best to choose in...

Celestia Staking Updates And 2024 Expectations

10 Feb 2024 2 minute read 10 comments PVM

This weird journey in the Cosmos ecosystem started when I was one of the 576,653 addresses meeting the criteria for the Celestia Genesis Drop. The new modular data availability network that securely scales with the number of users was ready to storm...

Earn Passive Income by Staking Solana (SOL): Everything You Should Know

1 Nov 2023 1 minute read 2 comments KuCoin Blog

Staking Solana (SOL) offers a dual advantage of securing the network and earning passive income. Solana's scalability and high-performance blockchain platform make it an attractive choice for staking. Solana's proof-of-stake (PoS) mechanism, combined...