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Yearn Finance to Launch V2 This Week

27 Jul 2020 1 minute read 1 comment Abhimanyu Krishnan

Liquidity aggregator yEarn, which launched the YFI token on July 17, is preparing to release a new version of their platform, according to an announcement published on July 24. v2 will launch in 3-4 days, and bring the following impro...

Weekly Digest: Reddit+ETH, new SEC & DOGE with Cryptonator's

29 Jan 2021 6 minute read 1 comment CoinJoy

Every week we make a digest about the most significant news in crypto, and we thought it would be fun to ask what the community members and bloggers think about all things crypto.   Please, welcome Felix Brocker (aka Cryptonator`s)! Author, publisher...

New Documents by Craig Wright's Lawyers Mention Address Involved in Mt. Gox Theft

15 Jun 2020 1 minute read 1 comment Abhimanyu Krishnan

Yet another twist has formed in the Craig Wright case, with new information made public on June 12 seemingly indicating that Wright’s lawyers have admitted to owning an address that was involved in a Mt.Gox theft of 80,000 Bitcoin (BTC). Riccardo Spa...

Weiss Ratings named the top 3 reasons for the upcoming Bitcoin rally

11 Jul 2020 2 minute read 0 comments World Crypto

The analytic cryptocurrency agency expects an early increase in the bitcoin market thanks to the advent of institutions, the S2FX model and the US Federal Reserve policy. The cryptocurrency analytical agency Weiss Ratings has identified the main reas...

The number of active Bitcoin addresses doubled this year, Result of institutional funding?

23 Dec 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Suraz Bhattarai

According to a report on 23 December, Coin Metrics data shows that the number of active bitcoin addresses has increased by more than 105% this year. In the latest "Network State" report released today, the cryptocurrency data website said that the nu...

Weekly Crypto News Roundup - (4th of June -11th of June)

11 Jun 2020 4 minute read 2 comments pheonixdown-dee

Every week, I will be collecting some news stories / opinion pieces that I have found to be interesting in the crypto world and condensing them down into one easily digestible article. All the article and images are taken from a news source that I li...

Updates about ETH-2.0 rewards (on Binance)

6 Jan 2021 2 minute read 1 comment Ariman

In another post, here, I wrote about to what extent is a good idea to put Ethereum tokens to stake for the ETH 2.0 protocol. I was undecided, as I think most of us. While the rewards are good (5-20%), the waiting time is enourmous, maybe 2 years.  Fi...

How Deep Is The 'Crypto Influencer' Rabbit Hole? Deep And You Ain't Invited.

3 Jul 2020 3 minute read 2 comments Crypto FROG

Some of us don’t like day trading or scalping a few percent here, a few percent there based on how the chart is looking. We just like buying, holding and dreaming of the inevitable ‘promised land’ that we convince ourselves is coming  if our iron fis...

BitMEX CEO: Bitcoin could retest $3,000 when economy implodes

13 Jun 2020 2 minute read 1 comment Sirt33

      The Order Book Dominance Bands indicator shows a bullish scenario for Bitcoin as a massive buy wall at $9,000 on Bitfinex is set. Despite the bullish outlook, BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes predicts, that Bitcoin could fall again to $3,000.   Since...

👉App Connects Bitcoin & Lightning Payments to Your Bank Account

7 Jul 2020 1 minute read 2 comments Gary Leland the Bitcoin Boomer

⏰ 4 MINUTE BITCOIN SHOW #592 Jack Mallers, developer of the Zap Lightning Wallet, announced the Strike app, which allows users to send & receive Bitcoin & Lightning Network payments directly from and to a bank account. 🎥YOUTUBE