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Sending USDT Using The TRC20 Network (With Ease)

21 Mar 2023 1 minute read 0 comments FIP Crypto

I used to think that sending funds using the Tron TRC20 network would be rather straightforward, but it turns out that there is actually some slight technicalities that are different from other networks like Ethereum. Here's a guide on withdrawing TR...

Do Kwon speaks for the first time since the UST LUNA crash

17 Aug 2022 1 minute read 11 comments Patch

After the Luna crash Do Kwon has pretty much kept himself to himself. And I think most people can relate to that decision. But now it appears he has poked his head out and made the first interview. When and where The interview looks to be a series o...

Pin Save - decentralized Pinterest

18 Sep 2022 1 minute read 7 comments Dspyt

Pin Save is a decentralized image sharing and content aggregation platform where users can not only control the content, but also the platform itself. Problem Currently monolithic web applications retain ownership of user content and stifle the adop...

Defluenced Episode 2: Why Is Cryptosocial Necessary?

22 Sep 2022 1 minute read 7 comments Allen Taylor

Before I get into the latest edition of the Defluenced podcast, I think you should I published yesterday’s Cryptocracy as a limited edition NFT on Cent Pages. There are only 4 left. Yesterday morning, the second episode of Defluenced hit the airwaves...

Chainlink for Enterprises, Synpress and Defisaver

28 Sep 2022 1 minute read 0 comments InsideCrypto

Hey DFI(Defi) people… The macro environment has been hitting hard this past week. This is the twelfth episode of our Defi focused segment of the Inside Crypto podcast. In this series we plan to cover the latest news regarding the constituents of our...

The Unchained God of Comebacks

3 Sep 2022 3 minute read 14 comments ZeroRequiem

Hello Mortals! Let me tell you a story about one of the greatest battles in Gods Unchained history.  If you don't know about the blockchain-based collectible card game, Gods Unchained, then click here and find out!   For this match, I am using my "...

The Bitcoin Story has not Changed - Dylan LeClaire

8 Dec 2022 1 minute read 3 comments The Art of Tomas

Dylan LeClaire explains The Biggest Problem in the World! - The cost of capital is broken- The everything bubble is bursting- Only way out global debt is debasement of fiat currencies-Everyone who was swimming naked is going under. Bitcoin keeps add...

Here’s What ‘Approving’ In Crypto ACTUALLY Does

11 Feb 2023 1 minute read 1 comment FIP Crypto

Have you ever wondered why you must perform an 'Approve' transaction in your wallet first? Here's an explanation of this critical step, and how it's vital for the security of your funds in your wallet. FIP Crypto - The Practical Side Of Crypto I lik...

U.S. White House refuses to comment on SBF's political donations

20 Dec 2022 2 minute read 3 comments ZeroRequiem

Hey Peeps!     Questions are rising about the political donations that FTX Founder Sam Bankman-Fried made during the last few years. SBF was the second largest individual polotical donor, and he reportedly donated around $5.2 million to Joe Biden's...

Nansen Analytics Is Now Free all you need to know

3 Apr 2022 1 minute read 1 comment niftyworld

Nansen Analytics Is Now Free all you need to know   Nansen recently announced that some of its features will be free to use. this includes the NFT Analytics tool, gas tracker, newsfeed, NFT indexes, trends, Stablecoin Master, 24h NFT market over...