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A picture paints a thousand words: 25 documentaries about blockchain and cryptocurrencies that you can't miss

3 Aug 2020 2 minute read 0 comments CryptoTrips

The revolution that cryptocurrencies represent has expanded so much that its vocabulary is already part of the media, and the audiovisual industry is not far behind. Film productions have made cryptocurrencies and characters involved in the developme...

Privacy in the Time of Corona

3 Apr 2020 1 minute read 122 comments cryptoramble

Looking for something else to worry about in this time of quarantine? Here's to a discussion on the erosion of privacy in the face of a pandemic, possible privacy-preserving solutions being thought up for issues such as HIPAA and contact tracing, and...

Are Blockchains Ready for Gamers?

3 Aug 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Tao of Satoshi

Blockchains have had a rocky relationship with the gaming industry. High-profile integrations with tech giants have ended in termination, due to the sorely-lacking user experience blockchains offered. Fast-forward to the present, and a second wave of...

Turbocharging Dash as a Store of Value

20 hours ago 1 minute read 0 comments Tao of Satoshi

The Dash network's unique economics has been a topic of focus for the last several months. The mix of Proof of Work and Proof of Service, miners and masternodes, total and circulating supply have all been discussed at length. Now, an optimization has...

Ben Swann on YouTube and Facebook Censorship and New ISE Media Platform

28 Jul 2020 1 minute read 1 comment TheDesertLynx

Independent journalism legend Ben Swann speaks about social media censorship from YouTube to Facebook, which includes demonetization, deleted content and channels, as well as more insidious forms such as "fact-checking" and determining that a piece...

👉US Printed More Money in 1 Month Than in 2 Centuries

23 hours ago 1 minute read 0 comments Gary Leland the Bitcoin Boomer

⏰ 4 MINUTE BITCOIN SHOW #613 In a letter to investors released on July 29th, Pantera Capital CEO Dan Morehead noted that The United States printed more money in June than in the first 2 centuries after its founding. 🎥YOUTUBE

Cybersecurity Challenges for SMBs – Safety First podcast interview

1 Aug 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Matthew Rosenquist

Had a great time during the TUV SUD Safety First podcast interview talking about cybersecurity challenges for small and medium businesses.  We discussed threats, perceptions, and best practices.  The conversation turned to the challenges of major co...

The Fiat Free Challenge

7 May 2020 1 minute read 2 comments cryptoramble

Is it possible to live off of crypto without a bank account? One man is here to prove it can be done and challenge you to do the same! Companies and places mentioned:lamium.iobitrefill.Irving gas stationsupholdcheap-o-airtravalaairbnb.comuberbitwage...

Dash Podcast 151: Ernesto Contreras of Dash Core

1 Aug 2020 1 minute read 0 comments TheDesertLynx

Ernesto Contreras of Dash Core Group joins the Dash Podcast to talk about Dash's business development progress, particularly in Latin America. Live from Venezuela! We also talk about barriers to mass adoption, including what merchants need in order...

Bitcoin Cash Crypto Project | A result of the Bitcoin community split

3 Aug 2020 1 minute read 0 comments NassiroV

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin which was born on August 1, 2017. It is a fork of Bitcoin , that is to say that the two cryptocurrencies share certain common characteristics but function on different blockchains since their...