StarSharks live in space. NFT Gaming madness

StarSharks live in space. NFT Gaming madness

By katt_crypto | cat | 27 Nov 2021

NFT Games


I've been reviewing new play-to-earn NFT projects for a while. NFT stands for Non-fungible token as you know. Each token has a single owner and is unique. NFT is still a new and open technology in terms of prevalence. 

The top platforms all use Ethereum, which is slow & expensive. Imagine paying 500 USD gas fees to buy a 30 USD NFT. Whenever instant and no fees transactions are implemented, the market will explode with demand.


Binance Labs investment announcement


StarSharks as a project

StarSharks is a marine-themed Metaverse. Let's talk about it. 

  • You have a first-to-purchase chance for the token. It has not been released to the market yet. 
  • The first game in the series is in closed beta. The game is ready for the Public Test. 
  • It uses BSC network, which is cheap & fast. 
  • It is not public yet. After the Public Test release, positive and negative opinions will emerge quickly. 
  • Binance has invested in the project.


StarsSharks Warriors as a game

StarSharks Warriors is the first game of the project. I was also one of the closed beta testers. That's why I will also share my views about the game. I made videos about gameplay and the marketplace. You can also find them on my YouTube channel. 


To put it briefly: 

  • A game of ideal difficulty. A quick and easy-to-understand card game.
  • Low requirements. It works on almost any Android. (~80Mb)
  • Some character abilities are overpowered.
  • It doesn't require much interaction.



Token will be released in early December. Over time, 5 more NFT games will be released. Under these conditions, it gave me hope as a project. It seems like lessons learned from other popular games. Please share your thoughts with me in the comments section. Of course, as always, do your research on the project you will invest.


Buy Shark NFT: Starsharks Marketplace

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