VOX Finance (VOX) airdrop reward $200 VOX and 5000 Doge coins

By Casperthava | Casper | 19 Nov 2020


VOX Finance is a decentralized finance (DeFi) project developed by an independent team of developers, seeking to bring an innovative approach to the new emerging market by providing high-quality and profitable services while relying on the voice of the people to bring in community engagement to the underlying protocol.   More reasons you should consider becoming a VOX titan  

An initial supply of 1250 VOX tokens is to be minted by the deployer. The majority of the initial supply will be locked into Uniswap along with a proposed amount of 20 ETH contributed by the community during a pre-sale event to provide initial liquidity. The presale token price is 1 ETH = 25 VOX (capped at 1.0 ETH per investor).

The remaining tokens (250 VOX) from the presale are to be distributed as follows:

  • 100 VOX (8,0 % of the initial supply) will be put into the treasury.
  • 100 VOX (8,0 % of the initial supply) will be put into the community & marketing fund.
  • 50 VOX (4,0 % of the initial supply) will be transferred to the development fund, locked by a timelock contract for 30 days.

After the presale, the token minting permission will be transferred to the master contract. The baseline amount of tokens to be minted per day is planned at 75 VOX distributed across all active pools.

After an initial 24 hours of fair mining period (to allow all early adopters to acquire liquidity pool tokens), the following five days of minting will yield an additional 2x multiplier applied to the base rate. After the bonus period is over, no additional multipliers will be set. Only the allocation points of the individual pools may be modified, if decided so by the community.

An initial 2,0 % burn rate on every transfer will be deployed along with the minting contract. The burn rate can be changed by a community vote.

An initial 4,0 % developer rate on every block will be deployed along with the minting contract. After the token has had time to grow and the community surrounding it becomes more mature, the developer rate could be changed by a community vote after the ownership of the master contract is transferred to a governance contract.

  • Initial supply: 1250 VOX
    • 500 VOX + 20 ETH to be deposited into Uniswap for initial liquidity.
    • 500 VOX will be sent to the seed investors.
    • The remaining amount (250 VOX) will be distributed as follows:
      • 100 VOX (8,0 %) → treasury fund,
      • 100 VOX (8,0 %) → community & marketing fund,
      • 50 VOX (4,0 %) → development team,
  • Mint rate: cca. 75 VOX per day (0,0125 VOX per block) → 25,0 % emissions cut every 2 weeks (starting 01.11.2020)
  • Burn rate: 2,0 % on every transfer → raised to 3,0 % on 01.11.2020
  • Developer rate: 4,0 % on every block.

The vaults and strategies mechanism is a feature that we're adapting from already existing projects. In our ecosystem, vaults will be income-generating and self-appreciating funds of user's assets that will execute an underlying strategy that is defined by the strategist. For the operations of the vault a total withdrawal fee of 0,35 % will be collected for the treasury (to fund future vaults) and development fund (to maintain and improve the vaults) and an additional 7,5 % performance fee to steer motivation for creating new and more efficient strategies. All members of the community with the required knowledge will be able to share their strategies for testing and if chosen, the majority share of the performance fee will be paid out to them.  

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VOX Finance(VOX) airdrop reward $200VOX and 5000Doge coins.

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