The dodge demon

By Nick145 | Cars. Whats up with that? | 27 Nov 2021

The Demon Dodge
The beginning
The Dodge Demon is an absolutely insane version of the Dodge Challenger Hellcat. Why ? Because the hellcat has 707bhp and the demon has 840hp and there are weight reductions all around the car and the chairs are optional! This auto was created in 2018 with a bu, to win 1/4 mile races.

Why did Dodge produce this auto?
For the answer we have to go to The 50s Chrysler is one of the most popular auto companies but

Chrysler heard that this car was really not excited and that it was losing a lot of racing, so Chrysler created
an amazing engine The Dodge HEMI .
HEMI is a hemispherical combustion chamber
this new piece of technology helped Chrysler

and Dodge win a lot of races,

during 1953 these HEMI engines received 350hp in the 50s.
And that was the beginning of the overwhelming urge to win. 2011 is when the HEMI to came back to life again. SRT !! During the 2000s Chrysler and Dodge planned to produce the cars very quickly again as they did during the 50s and 60s. The first auto that had the performance mark was the Dodge Viper ACR SRT. SRT is the performance mark that Chrysler has put on normal cars like a Magnum. A family car can be purchased with the performance option attached. These cars are named SRT's the different SRT's were: SRT8 SRT6 SRT10 SRT4. And that was when Chrysler started its urge to win again. 840HP !? The year 2015 was when Dodge produced the Hellcat and a lot of people loved it! The public likes that the chairs and the materials in the car were very well done, but the car was still very fast! But Dodge was not finished. No in 2018 they made the Dodge Demon but no one is buying the Demon because these are not comfortable and it does not drive well. So in 2020 Dodge stopped production of the Demon. Do you think Dodge is going to make another faster car?

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Cars. Whats up with that?
Cars. Whats up with that?

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