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Keys to avoid being a victim of cryptocurrency scammers (Part I)

By Candilejas | Candilejas | 4 May 2021

Being scammed in the world of cryptocurrencies is becoming more and more frequent.  With the boom of the virtual currencies, a lot of scammers have appeared with deceptive and very creative proposals to take over our currencies. For this reason it is necessary to take some precautions to avoid falling into their trap, here are some keys to keep in mind so as not to be a victim of scammers: scam warning logo

  1. Do not share your wallet data with anyone; never post it on websites or on social media channels. You should only use trusted wallets for mobile or desktop devices.
  2. Do not install your wallets on equipment that you do not own and where other people can easily access them. Avoid consulting or exchanging your cryptocurrencies on public sites such as Cybers. Keep in mind that when you make a payment in cryptocurrency it cannot be reversed, nor can you make a claim for a refund.
  3. Avoid interacting with unknown people by mail, Telegram or WhatsApp which could propose misleading offers, in which case you can block them and report them so that these platforms identify them as scammers.
  4. Do not trade cryptocurrencies with unknown people, carry out these operations from a recognized exchange in the market and that is reliable. Many attackers try to trick people into transferring their coins to their wallets.
  5. 6f8ee959ac1c44a115f432f923dd6eae101e26c8e801e3f03c149f99d876dbcb.jpgStore in a secure physical place the private keys, seeds and mnemonic phrases associated with your wallets, do not store them on the computer  or on the internet to avoid hacking.
  6. Carry out a preventive maintenance of your PC, erasing all the information that is not useful. Frequently clear your browser's history and cookies. Also install a good antivirus on your computer and run it regularly. Malicious programs can often be hosted without your knowledge, putting your security at risk.
  7. Do not pay attention to any ad where they offer you huge free winnings, nobody is going to give you large sums of money without getting anything in return and without a minimum of effort. https logo
  8. Keep your browser updated and make sure that when you visit an exchange website it has the padlock in the address bar and the https prefix. 

Alert logo Remember that once a scammer seizes your wallet's seed or private key, they will have access to the accounts associated with it at any time. If this is the case, I recommend creating a new wallet and taking the precautions mentioned above.

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