Camp is life

By suat | Camp is life | 14 Aug 2020

everything done is to gain something.
not just money. Try to win happiness and peace.



The number of people who want to escape from the city and find some kind of healing in nature is increasing day by day. The people of the metropolis, who long for a piece of greenery and a waterfront, are also in pursuit of activities carried out in the arms of mother nature. Camping, which is the most exciting of all activities in nature, is an adventure that seems simple but requires responsibility.



Camping is when one or more people stay in tents set up in nature or in the camping areas with the necessary equipment. Camping life is a social activity that allows people to get away from the city and return to nature and itself. People's listening to himself, his development and his achievements under natural conditions; brings self-confidence with it. Nowadays, easy transportation conditions and the opportunity to carry all kinds of comfort from the car to the camping place make it easy to camp. Do not let this simplify camping in your eyes. Inexperience and hearsay information can lead to unpleasant consequences.



We have a group of 3 people who are eager to go camping at every opportunity. Since we don't have a vehicle we can use and to avoid cost, we try to fit everything in a bag. 90% of our destinations have been hitchhiking and long walks. We usually camp in places where people do not go, where we can encounter wild and invisible animals.



Since we cannot carry much load, we make a list of materials so that we can make the best use of food, clothing and other camping equipment. When we are hungry, we cook balls from plants that can be eaten from the mountain. We avoid anything that will harm animals or pollute nature.


Camp life gives us the opportunity to use all our senses. As we move away from technology, we hear the sound of nature. As we calm down, we settle for less. The more we work, the more we taste. The more we see beautiful landscapes, the happier we are. As we sleep in sync with the sun, we gain health. And we relax as we watch the campfire. There is something magical about rediscovering nature and people.

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Camp is life
Camp is life

everything done is to gain something. not just money. Try to win happiness and peace.

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