Cactus ID: Gymnocalycium marsonerii

Cactus ID: Gymnocalycium marsonerii

By maurolegal92 | cactaceasml | 12 Oct 2020


This particular species provide us of a variety of shapes, being some specimen quite globular and some a little columnar. It has around 8 tuberculous ribs, from where the spines (and new specimen) grows. It usually has one central spine with 3-4 radials, being them of a white-yelowish color when the plant is young and they star turning grayer as the plant grows. It is usually a small plant, reaching 15-20cm (maybe more) of diameter.


It should be placed preferably in a space where it receives plenty of light but not direct sunlight, as it is not quite well tolerated, especially when the plant is small and young. The new growings pop from the space depressions where de spines grow. Soil must allow rapid water drain, although this specie can tolerate pretty well the excess of water. During winter it is adviced to not water or to do so quite sporadically. During summer it must be watered every time the soil gets completely dry.


Flowers bloom from the apex, and they are usually pure white coloured.



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