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Crypto Valley Summit 2022 - you can still participate, even online

By Pawel23 | bweb3-project | 31 Aug 2022

Beginning of this month I visited Zug in Switzerland as Tourist. This week I received an invitation to an Event in this City by e-mail from CV Labs. In place, which I discovered just a few days ago and still remember emotion during visiting Lake Zug. This year I will not be back after one month to Zug (you can go there if you are able. Tickets are still available during writing this text), but I am very happy to visit this place next year, and this year online. 

The event will take place on 14th-15th September from 13:00 local time till 20:00. You can buy tickets here. For the online version, tickets are free. 

I am never participating in this event before. I am very interested in it. My visit to Zug was successful, I have hope, that Event in Zug will be successful and I gather a lot of knowledge in my Blockchain journey. 

Will you participate (online or onside) as well? Did you find something interesting in Agenda

Small sneak peek, this is the event location - Theater Casino (behind me is the Lake Zug)

Theater Casino in Zug - event location


I am not part of the event Team. I am writing from a "fan" perspective.

Thumbnail Image and image within text sourced from the external side (see resources for original article). I am allowed to repost/use images here. On another side first, two paragraphs are reused in the second blog.


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