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25th and Broadway, Ranger Charities, and a giant robot dinosaur.

By 6IX9INE | BUNKA | 7 Mar 2023

25th and Broadway, Ranger Charities, and a giant robot dinosaur.


Yooooo, back from eth denver everyone! WOW, got a lot to unpack with that. In the MEANNNNTIMEEEEE while I'm getting those blogs written and scheduled, i'm gonna share a hidden gem i found.

Now listen, I LOVE the power rangers first off. In fact my fondest memory is hearing this giant crab tell the rangers they have crabs and to meet him off 25th and broadway, just look at this cinematic beauty:




ANYWAY back to the goods. $GRA token on both Proof of Memes Chain, AND Arbitrum

Here's a little more from their site. I'll say this tho, ONLY A 4K MARKETCAP YALL

"Green Ranger token on POMchain and Arbitrum One are commemorative meme tokens in honor of our fallen Green Ranger! We will be doing charity donations to suicide prevention/awareness charities, along with other charities voted on by the community. Check out the recorded VC’s in our Telegram group! Plenty of good info for newcomers! Simply type the word "Links" in the chat for updated info!"

And here's their complete roadmap


Step 01


- Launch by December 1st  (POMChain) 

- Secure TG community holders and whales

- Donation & Dox video with Freedom

*FAN NFT's were made which can be minted til sold out and staked on!

Step 02


- Official Green Ranger NFT Launch. GREEN RANGER NOSTALGIA PACK!!

   ~Will be able to stake for WPOM or PUSD!

- White Ranger Supporting token! The start of an ecosystem! (CA created and on hold until POM chain volume picks back up)

   ~PUSD rewards token that will auto reward between 4 and 8% pusd rewards!

   ~Percentage of each buy and sell goes to Green Ranger Buy back and Burn and fund staking pools helping raise the GR floor!

   ~Contributes to Charity Donation fund in smaller way.

Step 03

- Green Ranger on Arbitrum One! (launched FEB 9th)

   ~ NFT's available for staking within 1 month after launch.

   ~ Contributes to Donation wallet for Charity Donations.

   ~ 4-8% USDC Rewards

-Green Ranger on CORE or PULSE chain coming soon!


From what I've seen I believe they are already donating $500 to suicide awareness charities thus far, and plan to donate to more - I love it when a spontaneous experiment in community development does good for the world! 

Don't sleep, I don't write full lengths about shit coins for no reason y'all, use your head.









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