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Bitcoin dump incoming?

By Mcjulcz | Bull Rider | 7 Apr 2020


A lot of people are in bullish mood right now, yet mooning is still not as obvious as some believe.

There are few reasons why I'm still rather sceptical about a big pump right now. First one is volume which haven't changed drastically as it should after breaking 7k. My second reason is another wall coming from about a month ago. After breaking this one we might have much, much bigger chances of golden bullrun than right now. And the last reason is the visible bearish flag on this chart, if Bitcoin goes below it, we are expected to drop to around $4000. I've already took my profits by selling at $7400. What will happen, only time will tell, but right now you should take a closer look at Bitcoin's chart if you don't want to be liquidated.


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