0xBitcoin, a hidden gem?

By Mcjulcz | Bull Rider | 14 Apr 2020

There are times when simple ideas of combining two useful things are really the best ones and suddenly becomes extremely popular. An easy example: pencils with attached rubber. Just think about that and then try to think about taking the best out of Bitcoin and Ethereum and combining that into one coin. Boom, you have 0xBitcoin!


"The asset is decentralized, permissionless, mined and scarce just like Bitcoin which means it shares all of Bitcoin’s usecases and properties as a transparent and permanent digital record of value. However, above Bitcoin, 0xBitcoin has the speed and scalability of the Ethereum network and is compatible with all ERC20 token services." - Official Whitepaper

Being essentialy a Bitcoin for Ethereum network which can be stored on Ethereum wallet gives limitless possibilities. Add to this very active and passionate community working on this project and you have a real hidden gem.


In my opinion it's just a matter of time before people realize the true value of this token. It's hard to find as promising project as this and if you have still any doubts about it, I encourage you to visit the official webpage and read whitepaper: https://0xbitcoin.org/

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Bull Rider

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