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International Halloween Giveaway - Win a BTS Mug

By argriman | BTS | 1 Nov 2021


Hey guys, tonight is halloween and as celebration I'm doing an international giveaway on my store's instagram account. So, if you like BTS and wanna win a mug with one of the designs I made, you should enter in this contest.

The only thing you have to do is go to my instagram and follow the simple rules I explained in the giveaway post. And remember, this giveaway is international so no matter where you live, you can participate and if you win, I'll send you the BTS mug you like the most.

are you ready

bts giveaway

Thank you to those who decided participate and support my work.

Remember that you have to go to my IG to enter the contest. You will find the rules over there.

Borahae! <3

P.S.: If you like my designs and wanna buy any of my products, you can go to my store:

We have worldwide shipping!

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