The Rise & Fall of Alien Worlds - Explained

By btcxh | btcxh | 18 Oct 2021

The Rise & Fall of Alien Worlds - Explained


It's been a few months now since the 1 year anniversary of Alien Worlds. In today's article, I (someone who began playing Alien Worlds in February 2021, in the beginning) will be breaking down the rise (and subsequent fall) of Alien Worlds.

The Beginning (July 28th 2020 - April 5th 2021):

The community just started. The land sale in November an enormous success. Everything was looking great. The team was active in the discord, there wasn't a major problem with bots (The game was small enough that they could keep it under control, shutting down botnets fast) and people gave out free NFTs to new players. You were even able to mine NFTs - I had 3 standard drills which managed to get me 2 rare nfts which were worth a good amount compared to many of the tools at the time. When I joined back in February, you were able to get up to 10 Trilium per hour though this went down rapidly, today you are only able to get .3 TLM due to bots.

Binance Boom (April 6th 2021 - June 14th 2021):

The game faced massive growth after Binance announced that Trilium will be on there launchpad. The team allowed some bridges to the Binance Smart Chain, pumping TLM up to $5 on sketchy exchanges. Standard Drills peaked at $20 during the initial hype and Trilium hit 80 cents when Binance allowed buying and selling. With this growth, major problems began to show. For instance, botters began to develop software and rapidly expand decimating Trilium pools. Tool price skyrocketed (the standard drill costed 10 cents before Binance launch, now being $10+ and you weren't able to get anything better than a shovel or something around similar rarity anymore.

Just Stale (June 15th - Present Day):

Around June 15th, hype began to die out for the game and the botting problem got worse. 10% of the Trilium pool is being mined by a single person (by the name of Lobster) and legit players aren't able to earn more than a dollar a day mining. There wasn't really much to say about this time period, TLM went up a bit during the play to earn boom but now is just stable at the 20 cent range.

Finishing Notes: Is An Alien Worlds Resurgence Possible?

There's still hope for Alien Worlds, even after all this time. However this really depends if Binance Missions becomes a hit and the Alien Worlds team can purge the bots from the game. We will all have to see how Alien Worlds does in the next few months.

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