How To Mine Haven Protocol (XHV) - Beginners Guide

By Apoollo | btcxh | 16 Apr 2021

How To Mine Haven Protocol - Beginners Guide


Haven is a private, untraceable PoW Cryptocurrency based off of the CryptoNight algorithm. Pretty much it allows you to put your Haven into offshore storage and get a USD stablecoin which then can be converted back into Haven. A use case for this is if a shop owner gets someone that buys with Haven. They can then immediately put it into offshore storage to avoid any price fluctuation. This allows the shop owner to protect themselves from price fluctuation and hide there income from any prying eyes.

Algorithm: CryptoNight Haven Heavy

Block Time: 120 Seconds

Block Reward: Roughly 6.8 Haven (Decreases slightly every day instead of traditional block halving.)

Where Can I Store Haven:

There is a really nice wallet that you can find on the Haven website for the desktop here. Simply download, verify the SHA256, extract it, then create a wallet (Please make sure to write down your keys psychically! I don't want any of you to lose your cryptocurrency if something happens) writing down your keys along with syncing your wallet.

It should like something like this after you create your wallet. You can convert your haven in the Convert area, receive and send in the Transfer section and


How to Sell & Buy Haven:

Unfortunately, there aren't many 'big' exchanges that support Haven right now. Fortunately, US and international users can still buy it (without KYC in some cases.)

Some of the exchanges that support Haven is KuCoin & Bittrex. For KuCoin its very easy to buy and sell, without needing KYC (for us USA crypto investors.)


How To Mine Haven With CPU:

Mining Haven is extremely easy. Simply follow the steps below and you'll be able to set up mining in less than 5 minutes.

Download XMRig (Link here)


Extract the files, then make a new file and call it for example "havenstart.cmd"

Copy paste this into the file and save it, replacing "addresshere" with your own address.

@echo off
xmrig.exe --donate-level 1 -o -u addresshere -p computer -a cn-heavy/xhv -k

Then, run the file you just made and XMRig should launch, mining Haven for you. It should look like something below after a few minutes.


Enjoy. CPU Mining with Haven is quite lucrative, increasing everyday. You can check your mining profits and search up your hash rate at Hero Miners (this link)

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