Who has a better future? Bitcoin vs Ethereum.

Who has a better future? Bitcoin vs Ethereum.

By BTC Wolverine | BTC Woverine News | 3 May 2021



If you are immersed in the world of cryptocurrencies, you will know the key difference between the two, but which one has a greater projection and therefore will give us more benefits?

While bitcoin falls into the category of payments, Ethereum encompasses much more possibilities. Since the platform allows the development of Dapps within its blockchain. In other words, Ethereum, in addition to having its own currency, Ether, allows you to write code, create other cryptocurrencies and carry out smart contracts . These are activated when the conditions specified in them are met.

More and More Investors See Ethereum's Strength Against Bitcoin

In the month of April, the capitalization of bitcoin fell while that of ethereum rose, in addition, the market dominance of ethereum grows and that of bitcoin begins to decrease.

Currently, Bitcoin is recovering ground and is trading above $ 58,000 and Ethereum exceeds $ 3,200.

For me the clear favorite for the month of May is Ethereum

Lets see the graphs:


Still not clear?

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