Your Daily M.O. with Brave Browser
Your Daily M.O. with Brave Browser

Your Daily M.O. with Brave Browser

By BryRi | BryRi Method | 19 Aug 2020

When you chat with your friends and peers, how do you describe your day when you are navigating all things in the crypto-sphere?  I'm betting everyone has a slightly different story. Here's one line of thought about a potential -  Your Daily M.O. with Brave Browser


Refresh or Reboot?

One of the biggest challenges (I know it's all relative) I have on a daily basis is deciding whether to refresh in the morning or reboot as I start up again.  Huh?  What's this all about?

Seriously, how many people do you know that just step away from their screens until they're back again rather than turn them off?  How about mobile devices, on or off?

It may seem like a silly question for most, yet I find the answer is very informative in numerous ways. The result can vary.

I've heard, read and seen so many different variations and reasons;

  • turning off the wifi at night for frequency modulation
  • energy consumption / management
  • automated work completion
  • updates
  • cyber security

Every one of these makes sense in the right circumstance or situation, yet we all have a Modus Operandi that drives our habits each day with whatever we are doing.

Why would Brave Browser be any different?


Your Modus Operandi

Now I'm making an assumption that you already have Brave Browser and are using on some level.  Even if you're not, this is all still for you.  The video below is a good refresh for the most expert of users.

Most advertising platforms use techniques to try to identify you and track you as you move across the web. Brave browser blocks all this...

As if you needed another reason to still use, switch, or just flat out begin using Brave Browser, the list and reasons are many. 

In this next video there is a follow-up review that adds on to the presenters 2018 and 2019 reviews, so this update is great!


My GoTo Daily Browser

I have been using Brave daily now since 2019 and sporadically since 2018 and do not see anything in the near future that will change this.

As far as a daily routine that works, I think the biggest skill / habit / awareness that I needed to develop, ergo you may as well...  Is understanding where you need to drop the shields and where you do not.

Sometimes it is really obvious as a site seems to keep loading and loading....... and loading.

Other times, there is a small feature such as a video, or drop-down that is not active.  In the beginning it can be a little annoying to have this happen, but once you're tuned in to the flow, you will appreciate it immensely.

The number 1 factor that keeps me laser focused using Brave is that fact that each and every site I go to has some type of "garbage" that Brave picks up.  I'm sure it's possible there's more, but just understanding all of the "behind-the-scenes" tracking that is going on is incredibly helpful.

If you're using it, good for you.  If you haven't yet given it a try, be sure to download it here with this link; Brave Browser.

NOTE: Thanks for taking a moment to look deeper into Brave Browser. If you're looking for more there is an article everyday for 7 days. Here's a link to one of them;


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